Tiger likes Rice on Augusta menu

Posted by    |    August 25th, 2012 at 5:40 am

The logo for the Masters Tournament made of flowers, in front of the clubhouse of the Augusta National Golf Club (Credit: Torrey Wiley via Flickr)So headlined The New York Post after Tiger Woods voiced his support for Augusta National‘s inclusion of Condoleezza Rice as a new member.  As you know, the club that hosts the Masters golf tournament announced this week that it is admitting its first two female members: the former Secretary of State, and business executive Darla MooreAugusta National Chairman Billy Payne called the event “a joyous occasion.”

The club opened in December 1932, composed only of male members.  Over the years, despite numerous protests and attempts to encourage change, Augusta has steadfastly refused to discuss membership issues.  As a result, this week’s announcement came as a surprise to many.

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