Flesh-eating bacteria victim list grows

Posted by    |    May 23rd, 2012 at 6:45 am

Aimee Copeland with her family [ from left - Aimee, mother Donna, father Andy and sister Paige ]  in Europe? before she contracted necrotizing fasciitis (Credit: Copeland Family Photo)I hope you opened today’s essay after eating breakfast.  “Necrotizing fasciitis” is a disease few of us would have recognized before Georgia college student Aimee Copeland began making headlines.  On May 1, she was kayaking with friends when a homemade zip line snapped, cutting her left calf.  Three days later, she was diagnosed with the rare flesh-eating bacteria.  Her leg and hands have been amputated, but she is breathing on her own today and doing better.

Meanwhile, a Georgia landscaper is battling the same disease in the same hospital after cutting his leg while trimming weeds.  Six surgeries later, he is recoveringA third victim developed necrotizing fasciitis after giving birth to twins and is in critical condition.  Physicians don’t know why or how she contracted the disease.