Be Your Spouse’s Biggest Fan

Posted by    |    May 16th, 2012 at 5:40 am

I’m a fan of several things. I’m a fan of the Texas Rangers, I’m a fan of running, and I’m even a fan of bacon.

Everyone is a fan of something. You may be a NASCAR fan, a college football fan or a fan of golf. Maybe you’re a book fan and love to read, or a music fan and love to go to concerts. Whatever you’re a fan of … just don’t forget if you’re married, to be a fan of your spouse.

Being a fan of your spouse is something Lea and I talk a lot about in our Stronger Marriage workshops.  We personally think you should be a HUGE fan of your spouse.  In fact, I like to say … if your spouse had a fan club, you should fight to be the president of that club. If you’re a parent, I know you praise and build-up your kids … do it for your spouse as well.

I love seeing couples who have figured this out. Like my friend Amanda, who has listed as her middle name on Facebook , ”LovesErik.” Erik is her husband, and every time he logs on to Facebook he’s reminded how much his wife loves him.  Or, my friend Haley who every couple of weeks proclaims her love to her spouse on Facebook … making her husband’s day.

Here’s a few ways you can show you’re a fan of your spouse…

  • Encourage your spouse every day by building them up with your words.
  • Compliment them everyday.
  • Remind them why you love them.
  • Leave them a note, send them a text or email.
  • Praise them both privately and publicly.
  • NEVER bad-mouth your spouse in public or to your friends.

Remember, it’s not good enough just to not be critical … you need to be proactive in being positive and looking for ways to build up.  Be your spouse’s biggest fan … and not a fair-weathered fan.