Answers to Your Questions on Dump Day Eve

Posted by    |    May 2nd, 2012 at 5:40 am

I’ve been getting lots of Dump Day questions, and I’m going to try and answer some …

QUESTION: What can I do to REALLY make a BIG difference on Dump Day tomorrow? (3 Things…)

  1. Pray and ask God to bless our day.
  2. Make a donation.
  3. One of the most important things is tell everyone you know. Tomorrow use your Facebook, Twitter, blog, email, etc to spread the word. That is the key to making this work. Post on your Facebook about Dump Day and tell people to come over here and pledge.

QUESTION: How do we give this year? There are several ways to give this year …

  • You can send a check via snail mail to: Honduras Hope, PO BOX 9222, Columbus MS, 39705 (attn: Dump Fund). This is a tax deductible donation. You can also give to the Childress Church of Christ, PO Box 239, Childress TX 79201 (attn: Dump Fund).
  • You can give online by going to Bread For A Hungry World’s, website and on the top right there’s a “Give to the Dump” donation button. Bread for a Hungry World continues to partner in the work at the dump.  This is also a tax deductible donation.
  • I’m trying to encourage everyone to use one of these two forms of giving I just mentioned. I’ll also remind you that my Paypal button is always on this page, and while you’re welcome to use it, please understand that my Paypal is NOT going to be a tax deductible donation.

QUESTION: Why and How do I make a pledge?

  • We try hard to keep up with how much has been donated throughout Dump Day (tomorrow), so we always ask you to make a comment on my blog saying that you just pledged (or will give) a donation of “$100″ (or whatever the amount). You can do it anonymously or just make the comment. This is not so we can say, “Look what we’ve given,” or “Look what we’ve done,” but so we can keep up with a close estimate on the total … and give God the glory.

QUESTION: How do I fast?

  • I’m encouraging a food fast for 30 hours. I’ll start mine at bedtime tonight and end it Thursday morning when I get up. No food on Dump Day. If you want to do yours for 24 hours, that’s okay. If you want to start and end at a different time than mine, that’s okay. But consider a fast of some kind tomorrow. I will fast from food but will drink liquids. If you can’t fast from food (because of health reasons), fast from something else like television, eating out, driving (walk tomorrow), etc. Use tomorrow to remind yourself how blessed you are materially and how some are NOT so blessed as you and I.

QUESTION: How do I get a Dump T-Shirt and or a Dump Bracelet? 

  • All the details are HERE, but if you make a $50 donation Bread for a Hungry World will send you a Dump T-shirt. Or…a $25 donation will get you a Dump Bracelet. Make sure you specify that you want the t-shirt or bracelet, and include your address. There is a limited amount of these so pledge early in the day tomorrow.

One more quick Dump Day story …

This is Gloria.  She is Marc Tindall’s friend who works at the dump to support her 4 kids.  Three years ago she fell in front of a bulldozer and it really brutalized her arm. She will be having another surgery on her arm Thursday. She is really worried about how her family will eat while she is out of work, but today Marc promised her that food will not be an issue. Dump Day 2012 will make this happen. Thank you for making it happen. :)

Have I missed any questions?  See you tomorrow at 8 a.m. when Dump Day 2011 kicks off. I’m SO excited. See you in the morning.