Be a Christian … But Don’t Be a Jerk

Posted by    |    August 9th, 2011 at 5:40 am



Christians SHOULD be setting the bar high as the most loving, gracious and generous people on this earth.

The problem is … we don’t always do a good job looking like the Jesus we claim to follow. Often times we have treated others unkind in the name of religion. We talk out of both sides of our mouths, saying one thing and then doing another. We’re harsh, critical and condemning. We often draw lines in the sand, where God never intended there to be lines.  On Sunday mornings, we are praising God for His grace in our lives, and an hour later we’re being very ungracious to our waitress for not keeping our glass filled up.

We’ve been hypocritical … and this should NEVER be!

It’s time we start practicing what we preach.  The world won’t know we are Christians by our bumper stickers and t-shirts, BUT by the way we love others around us. There is SO much more to being a Christian than trying to have all the right answers … it’s our attitude towards others and how we treat people that will make the difference.

“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus…” Philippians 2:5



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