Honduras – Day 1

Posted by    |    July 11th, 2011 at 5:40 am

Twenty-four hours after arriving Honduras everyone has officially made it. We had 2 that started a day late after travel problems, but as always, God worked it out fine.

Today we worshiped with the church in Santa Ana. Although two-thirds of the service was in Spanish, we still enjoyed it greatly.

After lunch we split our group and went to two different places, hospital Escuela and a boys orphanage. Hospital Escuela is a hospital for the poor. There are many needy people there. We passed out food until it was gone and then handed out beanie-babies, stickers and bracelets to the sick kids.

The other group took pizza and went to an orphanage for boys. They spent the afternoon playing games.

Both groups met back up that evening at a very poor little village called Nuevo Oriental. We spent the remainder of the day there playing playing with kids.

Tomorrow we get busy. There are two wooden houses to build, all the meds to sort for Tuesday’s medical clinic, a cinder-block house to start and we’ll feed at the dump.

I’ll try tomorrow night to post again and include a few pictures.