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The 7 Day Facebook Marriage Challenge

Posted by    |    July 30th, 2011 at 5:40 am


About a month ago I wrote a post about how important it is that you praise your spouse … everyday. Part of my post included these words, “I mentioned while teaching a marriage class recently, if there was one thing that could make an immediate positive impact on your marriage, it would be praising your spouse, and you can’t heap it on too think!”

I still believe that!

Your husband/wife need lots of praise.  The problem is, most people will agree that they need to praise their spouse more, but won’t put out much effort to do so.  So I’m thinking a challenge is in order. (more…)

Just How Rich Am I?

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Want some very challenging reading today? I’d love to challenge your thinking for just a moment on how wealthy you and I are.   I’m not here to make you feel guilty, but you may … because I did.

We, as Americans don’t always understand what real poverty is.  A new study by the US Census Bureau shows that of the 30 million in the US who live in poverty still are well housed, have adequate supply of food and have medical care.  The study shows that the typical household, defined as poor by our country, had a car and air conditioning. For entertainment, the average poor household had two color televisions, cable or satellite TV, a DVD player, and a VCR. If there were children, especially boys in the home, the family had a game system, such as an Xbox or a PlayStation.  In the kitchen, the household had a refrigerator, an oven and stove, and a microwave. Other household conveniences included a clothes washer, clothes dryer, ceiling fans, a cordless phone, and a coffee maker. (more…)

Wearing Pink Flip-Flops for Jesus

Posted by    |    July 26th, 2011 at 5:40 am

I’d like you to meet Canon. He and his family went with us to Honduras. Canon just turned 12-years-old and was a “go getter” in Honduras. The picture fits him perfectly … everywhere he went he had his backpack FULL of things to give away to others. He brought stuff from home like baseball caps, soccer jerseys, clothes, bracelets and on and on. Canon always had Honduran kids around him because he was always giving away his things.

Just before Canon left to go home he spotted this little boy who was watching him from behind a gate of the Casa orphanage. Canon realized the boy needed some shoes so he gave him his Nikes … his last pair of shoes.

Canon ended up wearing home his mother’s pink flop flops that were 2 sizes too small (see picture).  That’s love. No wonder Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

I want to be like Canon.

Honduras Mission Trip from the Eyes of My 9 year-old Son

Posted by    |    July 23rd, 2011 at 5:40 am

This is Cooper (in the middle of picture). He is my 9 year old son who just spent an amazing week working in Honduras. He built houses, fed hungry people, made LOTS of new friends and even went to the dump with me. I think it is a HUGE blessing for my children to get to go to Honduras. I have no doubt Cooper was affected in a positive way by this trip.

One afternoon after spending an entire day playing with kids from one of the poor villages in Honduras, I noticed something was really bothering Cooper. I asked him if he was okay, and he couldn’t talk … he was choked up. I just held him tight. Later that night he wrote in his little journal he was keeping the following message.

“Today in Honduras I went to the medical clinic. I met a girl named Stephanie. I was very sad that I won’t get to see her for another year.  She had holes in the bottom of her shoes. I wish I could let her have mine. I cried for about 30 minutes because I won’t see her until next year.  I wish I could pack her in my suitcase and take her home.  I already miss her very much and that was my day.”

Of course Lea and I were touched by his words. Had his shoes not been twice the size of Stephanie’s, I’m sure he would have left them.

12 Pictures From Honduras You’ve Got To See

Posted by    |    July 21st, 2011 at 5:40 am

Here’s a little report on our Honduras trip. Sorry I’m a little slow sharing, but we got in at 2:00 Sunday morning, and I’ve been sick ever since. I was trying to think about what all I wanted to tell you, and finally decided that I’d just show you. We did medical clinics, clothing give-aways, feedings, built wooden houses and block houses, played with kids at the Hospital Escuela, and on and on. It’s tough coming up with just 12, but here’s 12 pictures and the stories behind them.

If you go to Honduras, you’ll see houses like this. Yes, people actually live there. Can you imagine trying to live in a house like this … or raising a family there?  The GOOD news is that this house was replaced with a new one for the person living there. (more…)

Tolerance and True Blood

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I am completely addicted to True Blood. If you have not watched or do not know about the show, it’s about vampires and other supernatural creatures living among humans. Weird, I know. You might ask yourself what does this have to do with Faith and Religion? Well, in the show there is a church that is against supernatural creatures and wants to destroy them. They’re leading point in the discussion is that Jesus and God were the only ones who could have special abilities like rising from the dead.

The main characters point (and mine too) is God and Jesus taught us to love everyone even our enemies. Also to forgive others as we ask for forgiveness. While I know True Blood is a make believe situation, I think we can learn something from it. Just because someone is of a different race, religion, gender, whatever, they are not evil. We should celebrate those differences because that is what makes us unique. We should also look past the differences and look at the similarities. You might find a new friend that can change your life.

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Here’s why it was a great day today …

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The kid below got to eat.

Spent some time at the dump today. The smell was bad, the people were dirty, but this little boy got to eat. We ran out of food about the time he walked up, but with enough scraping on the pans, we were able to come up with a bowl full of beans and rice for him.
I’m thankful to all those who gave on Dump Day and made feedings like this possible.

Heart Break

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I hope this picture comes through … it’s of people who were heart-broken. These people waited all day in line to see one of our doctors … and time has ran out on them. They were turned away. There were just more people than we could see.

It hurt to look them in the eyes. I didn’t even want to make eye contact with them when they were told to go home without seeing the doctor. I could handle seeing them frustrated, but it broke my heart to see them sad. Many had babies and small children …

Who knows, many of them may have been praying for months that they, or their children, might see a doctor. Yet it didn’t happen.

They are people just like us … but people who don’t have the same access to doctors, meds, and hospitals as us.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still a great day because hundreds of people did get to see the doctor … but my mind are on the ones that didn’t.

Please say a prayer for them. (more…)

Finding Faith

Posted by    |    July 11th, 2011 at 11:06 am

Photo Courtesy of Bronzemagonline

This time last year I wanted to know where God was. I was going through a rough time and I felt like God had left me when I needed him most. I remember being angry because no matter how hard I prayed I felt like I wasn’t getting any answers. It was the first time in my life that I felt that God wasn’t listening, and maybe he didn’t have a plan.

I tried talking to my parents about what I was feeling, but I didn’t know what to say. I had gone to church all my life and then to say to my parents, “You know. I don’t think God is there anymore.” They would most likely flip out. After that, I kept what I was feeling to myself and focused on getting ready for my junior year at school. When I got back to University in August, I had an email from my bible study leader, John, inviting the group to meet in a few days. I decided to go and asked John if he could meet me before the meeting to talk. (more…)

Honduras – Day 1

Posted by    |    July 11th, 2011 at 5:40 am

Twenty-four hours after arriving Honduras everyone has officially made it. We had 2 that started a day late after travel problems, but as always, God worked it out fine.

Today we worshiped with the church in Santa Ana. Although two-thirds of the service was in Spanish, we still enjoyed it greatly.

After lunch we split our group and went to two different places, hospital Escuela and a boys orphanage. Hospital Escuela is a hospital for the poor. There are many needy people there. We passed out food until it was gone and then handed out beanie-babies, stickers and bracelets to the sick kids.

The other group took pizza and went to an orphanage for boys. They spent the afternoon playing games.

Both groups met back up that evening at a very poor little village called Nuevo Oriental. We spent the remainder of the day there playing playing with kids.

Tomorrow we get busy. There are two wooden houses to build, all the meds to sort for Tuesday’s medical clinic, a cinder-block house to start and we’ll feed at the dump.

I’ll try tomorrow night to post again and include a few pictures.