You Might Be a Hypocrite If…

Posted by    |    June 14th, 2011 at 5:40 am

I was asked recently what a hypocrite is. The dictionary describes a hypocrite as someone who “pretends to be more virtuous or religious  than he really is.” Or in simpler terms, a hypocrite is someone who says one thing and does the opposite. I’m far from being a perfect person, but I don’t ever want to be a hypocrite.

You might be a hypocrite …

  • If you expect God to forgive you, but refuse to forgive others.
  • If you’re disgusted by the moral filth that is playing on your own VCR or DVD player.
  • If you complain about being poor on Twitter or Facebook via your smartphone.
  • If you have a “save the planet” bumper sticker on your Hummer.
  • If you complain about welfare cheats, but in-turn cheat on your taxes.
  • If you point out what is wrong in other’s lives, but never notice what’s wrong in your own life.
  • If you can drop the F-bomb on Facebook, and then turn around on your next status and talk about praying to God.
  • If you call yourself a Christian but hate homosexuals, people of different races and those who disagree with you.
  • If “do unto others” only applies to others.
  • If you can go to church on Sunday and thank God for His grace, and then at lunch be unkind or rude to your waiter or waitress.