Monday Morning Thoughts and Pictures…

Posted by    |    May 11th, 2011 at 5:40 am

I’ve got nothing profound for you today, (Ha, it’s not like I usually do anyway!) but here are a few things going on in my little world …

  • I’ve told you before about my friend Willie (not his real name). We occasionally buy him groceries, help him with clothes and just try to be his friend. This past week he ran out of water and asked me to help him get some (picture below). Willie has no water that runs to his house so he drinks from recycled containers and has learned to bathe from a 5 gallon bucket. I was a little taken back when I helped him get water. I can’t imagine having to provide water for my family by filling up jugs from a neighbors water hose.
Every 2 weeks Willie has to fill up his jugs so he’ll have some water at his “house.”

  • Our community garden is coming along well, as you can see from the picture below. Pretty much everything has come up. Hopefully in another month, we’ll be feeding some of the needy people in our community from it.
The Churchill kids planting seeds.

  • Our second Augment House is moving along. All the windows have now been replaced, and the work is really about to begin. It’s SHEET ROCK time. The family that was selected to receive this house was a sweet young family of four that rent a two bedroom home. A few months ago they found out they were expecting twins (now making them 6). This house will really bless them. The house will be totally gutted and redone, both inside and out.
Augment House #2

  • Lea and I went to the Texas Rangers game in Arlington this past Saturday night. We usually wouldn’t even consider making a Saturday night game, but we had some friends give us tickets and couldn’t pass that up. As I put on Facebook, “Boy, do I know how to show my wife a good time. Our date included a trip to the Ballpark in Arlington, a Rangers win over the evil New York Yankees, heckling some loud-mouth Yankees fans that sat behind us, and then to top off the perfect evening … bacon wrapped hotdogs for supper.” Okay, I’ll admit, bacon wrapped hotdogs were probably not Lea’s first choice, BUT believe it or not, this was the perfect evening date for Lea. She was a happy girl.
It was a beautiful night for baseball.

  • I asked Lea what she wanted for lunch on Mother’s Day, and she told me she would love to just go home, order some pizza and relax. I took Connor with me when I went to pick up the pizza. I was paying out when I looked down and realized he wasn’t wearing any shoes. Connor has never liked wearing shoes … but this was a first. Kids!
No shoes at Pizza Hut. Kinda gross, isn’t it? :)

Have a blessed day …