4 Ways You Can Make Dump Day a Success.

Posted by    |    April 26th, 2011 at 5:40 am

  1. Make a Donation. By far the most important thing you can do is give. By making a donation, your funds go directly to help the people at the dump. The best time to give is on May 4th, Dump Day. I will have posted on this blog on Dump Day the details of “How you can give?” and “Where to send your donation?”
  2. Pray about Dump Day. Prayer is powerful. Dump Day and the people at the dump need your prayers. Ask specifically that God will do something GREAT on May 4th.
  3. Spread the Word. This is the KEY to making Dump Day a success. We need you to use your Facebook page, Twitter page, blog, your church bulletin, your email, send letters or any other way of getting the word out. The more people that know, the more people that can help. Spreading the word to as many as possible is the key.
  4. Join in the 30 Hour Fast.  Once again, I’m challenging you to a Dump Day fast. This 30 hour fast will coincide with  Dump Day. It will be a reminder to us that there are hungry people in this world, and they can’t be overlooked. On the day we’re fasting, my friend Marc Tindall will be feeding rice, beans, tortillas, bananas and water to the people at the dump. I like the idea that on Dump Day, the people at the dump will get more to eat than I do. I will be starting my fast on Tuesday night and end it on Thursday morning. Someone mentioned that they will be taking the money they save on food that day and giving it on Dump Day too. Great idea.


  • Another way to help? … share this (today’s) post on Facebook, Twitter … etc. Let’s start spreading the news.
  • BIG ANNOUNCEMENT … Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about some VERY special things we’re giving away on Dump Day this year. I want you to have one.