I Bought Groceries for Jesus Today

Posted by    |    March 30th, 2011 at 5:40 am

Yes, I bought Jesus groceries today. Crazy isn’t it … and he only wanted $26 worth of groceries. I did notice that he’s a big fan of cheap, college-kid type food. He bought TV dinners, chicken-pot-pies, root-beer and frozen burritos that you heat up in the microwave. He also asked if it’d be okay if he bought stuff to make a dessert. Of course I told him, “Sure.” He bought stuff to make a lemonade pie.

This Jesus didn’t look like the Jesus in the pictures we see in paintings and on walls. No, this Jesus had black skin, really needed a shower and is incredibly precious to God. There are lots of ways you could see this man …

  • You could have just seen him as a man that didn’t have a job.
  • You could have just noticed his skin color or his smell.
  • You could have seen this man as someone looking for a free handout.

I chose to see him as Jesus. Why? Because Jesus said in Matthew 25:40, “Whatever you did for the least of one of these, you did for me.” Jesus was saying when you feed a hungry person you’re actually feeding Jesus. When you clothe a needy person, you are actually clothing Jesus. So that means the guy with the “I’m hungry!” sign that you drove past on your way to work … yes, you drove right past Jesus.

Mother Teresa (I’m a big fan of hers) said, “The dying, the cripple, the unwanted, the unloved – they are Jesus in disguise.”

Today in my world, Jesus was a middle aged black man that was hungry and loves lemonade pie. Tomorrow he may be a single mom with two kids than simply needs some encouragement. I simply need to look for him. He’s out there … everywhere.

Look around.  You’ll see him. But whatever you do, don’t just pass by or ignore Jesus.

  1. Sarah Beauregard says:

    This is the Truth. Great post!