Posted by    |    March 18th, 2011 at 4:40 am

Yesterday food was taken to the dump and dirty, hungry people were fed.

Hungry people were fed at the dump yesterday.

There shouldn’t even BE people living in a dump. There shouldn’t be people that have to go to the dump to find food. But thanks to you, over the last two years you’ve made a HUGE difference in the lives of the people who live at the dump. Because of Dump Day 2009, Dump Day 2010 and great ministry partners like Bread for a Hungry World, we’ve raised enough funds and awareness to start making some huge changes in the ministry at dump in Honduras…

  • Food is regularly brought in and hungry people are fed.
  • A clean water system has been placed just outside the dump.
  • There is now a child care facility for parents to leave their children and not take them into the dump.
  • A place for people to clean up is now being finished.
  • A massive garden will be started soon that will provide around a million pounds of food per year for the hungry.

It’s not just about providing for the dump people, it’s also about breaking the cycle of poverty and getting them out of this situation.

On Wednesday, May 4th we’ll be having Dump Day 2011. We have some special things planned this year. I can’t share all the secrets yet, but here are a few things I’ll tell you…

  • I’m going to offer some silicone Honduras bracelets. See them here.
  • Like last year we are going to once again call for a fast on that Wednesday the 4th.
  • We’re going to offer a very special Honduras item to those who would like one (details later).

A little child at the dump. She was given food that you provided by giving to Dump Day. I challenge you to click on her picture to see a better view of her surroundings.

Our goal is to continue to bring awareness to the suffering, poverty and helplessness of many in this world who are less fortunate than us. AND we MUST go BEYOND feeling sorry for people and actually DO something about the situation.

Compassion is not real compassion unless it’s action-oriented.

Dump Day 2011 is May 4th.