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What a Privilege to Study

Posted by    |    August 25th, 2010 at 12:37 pm

As a new student at Dallas Theological Seminary I had the pleasure of going through new student orientation.  You remember orientations right?  Where the drill is, “Hey you sit through a days worth of lectures and we will give you a cardboard sandwich for lunch, a sack full of coupons and a Frisbee.”  In a lot of ways, orientation at DTS followed that formula verbatim (except my sandwich was more soggy than hard) and it felt more like a borientation than an orientation (sorry I couldn’t help it), but there were aspects to the experience that I was not anticipating.

The first was how eclectic the student body is at DTS.  At my table for breakfast I sat next to an older gentlemen in his 50’s who is retired from the Air Force where he traveled all over the world but he has this vigor to know God more deeply.  So in his twilight years he is stopping so that he can know God.  Another student at my table is from China and he learned English so that he could come to DTS just so he could learn Greek!  In fact I was amazed by the amount (more…)

You+Pics: Brian “HEAD” Welch

Posted by    |    August 22nd, 2010 at 12:25 pm

You+Pics: Brian “HEAD” Welch @ Texas Motor Speedway


Baseball and Faith

Posted by    |    August 15th, 2010 at 10:20 am

Last night, my son Sean, his friend Mark, my father-in-law Tom and I headed to the Ball Park to watch the Rangers and Red Sox play.  We lost the game, but there was one Ranger ball player that lived up to his billing.

That player?  Josh Hamilton.

On the way back home, I vaguely recalled seeing a video on Hamilton, but I could not remember where.  This morning, I found it.  Go to and find his testimonial.

Josh Hamilton can just about do anything and everything on the baseball field.  However, the off-the-field turmoil in his life almost destroyed his career.  The story captured at I am Second is a powerful example of how we all can overcome obstacles through our faith.

Finding Community in a City of 6 Million

Posted by    |    August 4th, 2010 at 6:39 pm

My wife and I just recently moved to Dallas from Tulsa so that I could begin my studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Like most non-Dallasites, we were quickly taken aback, not just at the abundance of churches in the Greater Dallas metroplex, but also with the multitudes that inhabited them.  With countless of churches whose congregations range in the thousands, my wife and I asked ourselves “how do you find community here?”

The past few months I have been observing how people do community here in Dallas.  I  thought I would do the layman some service and give you these “how-to’s” in creating community in any church you step into.

1. The Bro Hug – This is a staple in all Christian circles. Fellas, you will want to learn this because you will be using this a lot.  The “bro hug” is achieved by taking your right hand and slapping your acquaintances hand while simultaneously using your grip to pull him into your chest, while taking your left hand and patting him on the back three times (three times because God is trinity; be theological in your greetings). (more…)