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The Magic Elixir of Residential Real Estate

Posted by    |    June 30th, 2011 at 11:48 pm

Back at Washington & Lee University, where I first met Dave Perry-Miller, there is a breathtaking colonnade built in the 1820s that never fails to impress. Perhaps that’s where Dave developed his love of architecture. After graduation he came to Dallas and started in the residential real estate business, and early on he focused on selling homes that were well-designed, historic, special. It paid off and the agent became a company: Dave Perry-Miller & Associates. Back in 2007, Dave got “an offer he couldn’t refuse” and sold his company to Ebby Halliday. He now had a permanent listing on Easy Street, but a funny thing happened: he went back to being an agent. You can see his story beautifully told here.

Perry-Miller is not alone. Ellen Terry also sold her company to Ebby in 1995, and the petite dynamo is full time selling property. Allie Beth Allman may have her name on the letterhead, but husband Pierce runs the company because Allie Beth can’t escape “the adrenaline rush” of closing a big deal. For years realtor Dan Mahoney and his wife Lindy had their own firm in Highland Park Village; they sold to Robbie Briggs of Briggs-Freeman and now prefer to sell. So, what some people see as a tough job with long hours and weekend showings, these “name” realtors (and I could add more, like Virginia Cook, David Griffin, etc.) can’t get away from the thrill of the closing. The sense of excitement each time a house sells must be intoxicating. While filming Perry-Miller’s elegant profile, we had to keep stopping because Dave’s phone kept ringing and God forbid he not answer it. Each time he would apologize, grab his cell, speak quickly in hushed tones, and then return out of breath. “So sorry,” he said. “Big deal cooking. Had to take that. But I’m ready to shoot now.” At least until the phone rings again.