Removing a Highway – what are the benefits – WALKABLE Dallas-Fort Worth

Posted by    |    April 22nd, 2012 at 5:15 am

Removed 8.5 miles in Seoul, South Korea, which moved 1.5 million cars per day.
Cost: $33 million per mile to remove and restore stream.
Within ten years of the initial elevated highway construction, Seoul CBD lost 40,000 residents and 80,000 jobs.
Housing value increased 30%
Number of vehicles in the area per day dropped 43%
Summer temperatures: 8 degrees cooler
Air quality: 21% less tiny particulate matter called PM10
NO2 dropped 20%
BETX pollutants dropped 25% overall and 65% in certain areas
125,000 visitors come to the park each weekend day. 53,000 during weekdays
113,000 new jobs have been created along the corridor
long term economic benefits estimated between $8.5 and 25 billion