Good & Bad Congestion — WALKABLE Dallas-Fort Worth

Posted by    |    April 24th, 2012 at 5:15 am

From Patrick Kennedy –

Why does every single person in transportation governance in DFW mistakenly think that they can build their way out of congestion through additional capacity? It’s either incompetence or corruption of the highest order. Here is part of the reason, my piece on the four blind spots of transportation planning that inevitably leads them to supply-side solutions, as in additional supply, more roads, in the folly-fueled pursuit of free-flowing movement.

Know where I was most mobile in the last year? When I visited London and Barcelona. I could get anywhere and everywhere in those cities very cheaply and efficiently. Pedestrians and trains are always free-flowing, even when they’re “congested.” Because, like cholesterol, there is a good kind and a bad kind of “congestion.” Pedestrian congestion nourishes real estate value and quality of place. It fosters authentic places by empowering the citizenry. It ensures long-term health, vitality, and resilience of a place long into an uncertain future of fluctuating gas prices and infrastructural upkeep.

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