It Won’t Be Easy Implemeting Complete Streets – Dallas News – Unfair Park

Posted by    |    February 28th, 2012 at 5:15 am

At the end of last week we glanced at those surveys conducted during those citywide Complete Streets workshops put on by City Hall beginning last fall, input from which will go toward the manual Sustainable Development’s hoping to put together before year’s end. Some of which, incidentally, will be covered during today’s meeting of the council’s Transportation and Environment Committee, during the presentation titled Mayor’s Grow South Initiative and Transportation and Environment Committee Goals. But Peer Chacko, second-in-command at Sustainable Development, cautions: Looking at those “common threads” contained within this charts and surveys — everyone wants, for instance, and more trees and better and wider sidewalks and fewer utility poles — isn’t the way to go. 

Says he, the exercises, held all over town, were about “finding more unique preferences from one corridor to the next. We’re trying to get a pulse of where the preferences are. In some places, people want everything, and we know we’ll have to have some kind of dialogue on where the give is. You can’t have everything. But there are others where you can see clear priorities — where people aren’t hot on bike lanes but are big on sidewalks and safety and where lighting’s a big deal.”

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