Oak Cliff is the phoenix of Dallas

Posted by    |    August 22nd, 2011 at 8:19 am

CandysDirt.com has invited me to become part of its growing family of community reporters. Founder and Blogger Candace Evans has given me a glorious section of Dallas to call my own: Oak Cliff.

I’m thrilled because I think it’s the biggest and the best. Oak Cliff is by far the largest neighborhood in Dallas. Oak Cliff encompasses 476.2 square miles. Only slightly larger is San Francisco at 490 square miles.

At the turn of the century as Highland Park became the fashionable address for Dallas, she competed with both Kessler Park and Stevens Park in Oak Cliff. All three neighborhoods were comparable and built in the same grand and elegant style. As Highland Park has seen many a historic home fall to the more modern and updated, Kessler and Stevens Park owners have stood solidly behind their historic heritage although many of the homes have been updated to today’s standards. You will find a lot of granite countertops and stainless steel appliances in houses built here almost one hundred years ago. Kessler and Stevens Park may be the grandest districts of the neighborhood, but many other pockets of style and charm exist.

Of all Dallas neighborhoods, Oak Cliff has the geographical advantage of sitting on virtually the only hills in the city. (Some say the Texas Hill Country starts in Oak Cliff.) You will find many a house perched like a proud parrot upon its own vista. In addition, Oak Cliff boasts the most sweeping and panoramic views of downtown. Have a seat at the Belmont Hotel patio on Ft. Worth Avenue and you will truly understand the breathtaking sights the neighborhood has to offer.

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