I was strolling through The Park one day…

Posted by    |    March 3rd, 2011 at 1:26 pm

You’ve been shopping in Dallas.  You’ve really been shopping in Dallas…considering that shopping is the number one thing to do here.  But, while furiously trying to find just the right top to go with that hip new skirt, did you ever stop to wonder what makes your favorite shopping center your favorite shopping center?

Well, I found mine!  And quite by accident, I might add.

While strolling through The Shops at Park Lane on one of the suddenly rare non-snow days, I had a thought.  “This place is cool.”

Yes, it has shops.  It has restaurants.  It has all the other stuff you’d expect at a shopping center.  But there are a few things that really make The Shops at Park Lane my new place to hang.

The Shops at Park Lane not only scored a very unique Whole Foods flagship store (hello gourmet soup to go), it also boasts a rare sighting these days, a new Old Navy store.  Old Navy had all but halted expansion going from opening 39 new stores in 2008 to zero in 2009. The 2-level Park Lane flagship store is one of only two stores the company opened in 2010.  And, hello, it’s 2 levels!

Ya’ll hongree?  Hop on over to Bailey’s Prime Plus for a swank first date.  Or enjoy hangin’ with the girls over some ice cold brew at Gordon Biersch.

And yes, this mega-development that somehow made it despite being built amidst the worst economic climate in decades, is green too!  I found out that the original developers of Park Lane, Harvest Partners, transplanted more than 70 mature trees including cedar elms, red oaks, live oaks and pistachio trees.  They were moved during construction but kept alive at an on-site tree farm until they could be replanted on the property.

  1. Sarah Beauregard says:

    I didn’t know that about the trees! That’s really cool!