All-American 4th Fireworks in Plano

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All-American 4th Fireworks 2012 in Plano, TX

Plano Fireworks Display 2012

Once again, Plano had it’s All American 4th Fireworks at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve.  Along with the great fireworks, you could listen in to a selection of patriotism inspiring music on KLAK 97.5 FM.  Oak Point is the largest park in Plano, and it’s an ideal place to hold a fireworks display.  If you can manage the crowds, there is lots of parking at Collin County College and the Plano Centre, as well as partake of the various vendors food and drink.

The park is nicely located, so that if don’t want to brave as much traffic and crowds, there are many other great vantage points to see the fireworks.  This year, we decided to perch ourselves near Parker and Los Rios.  It overlooks the park area, so you can get a nice unobstructed view.  We were joined by many people with their kids, dogs, lawn chairs, and picnic baskets.  Other places First United Methodist Church, or even the shopping areas near Spring Creek Parkway and Ave. K offer a decent view.

All American 4th Plano, TX 2012

And the bombs bursting in air...

This years display started right on time, with the first launch right at 9:30.  There was a nice variety of chrysanthemum-style, nice designs, lots of colors, and some that just made that huge satisfying >BANG<.  And of course, great music to go along, and lots of ooh’s and aah’s from the crowd.

The whole show lasted about 20 minutes, with a huge finale to wrap up the show.  Another successful 4th celebration.

Since we were on more on the outskirts of  Plano, and wanted to avoid most of the traffic, we took the scenic route by South Fork Ranch.  And the kids got a nice bonus, since that also got us a chance to see part of the Richardson fireworks display in Breckenridge Park!  A nice way to finish off the days celebration.

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