International Woman of Mystery and Her Destination Restaurant, Plano-Style

Posted by    |    April 2nd, 2011 at 12:08 pm

I know what you’re thinking. What person who has traveled and lived around the globe could possibly think a suburb would house this so called “destination restaurant?” Well, as a resident with dual citizenship (definition: living in North Dallas on the border of Plano), I can confidently tell you that Jasper’s at the flawless Shops at Legacy is said utopia! We overheard a waiter telling his table that Jasper’s really is a destination restaurant. People come from all over for one specific thing they’ve fallen in love with and they come back time and time again. This haven for “gourmet backyard cuisine” is just that destination.

What’s so sublime about another restaurant in Plano you ask? How could a restaurant set itself apart from the countless collar-popping-yuppy-cougar dens the rest of the Metroplex has to offer? From the moment Mr. Bond and I stepped into Jasper’s we were seduced by its flirtatious lighting, sleek decor and above all, savory aromas filling the air. We were escorted to the table which is probably the only “so-so” feedback I have. I’m not a fan of sitting on top of other people enjoying an exquisite meal. I’m pretty sure the other patrons aren’t fans of me staring at their food either. Knowing there was much more important business to take care of, I got over it.

I asked the waiter if he could possibly make an off-the-menu favorite treat of mine, the grapefruit martini. He happily obliged and proceeded to take Mr. Bond’s drink order, a cold and crisp Dos Equis. For the main course I chose the pan seared salmon partially based on the fact that I truly love salmon but I also have a mild heart attack when I see the word, “mascarpone” which happened to be one of the sides, creamy mascarpone polenta! The other side was grilled asparagus – another fave.  Mr. Bond chose one of his personal Shangri-La’s, the slow smoked baby back ribs. This dish came with a side of delish (creamy baked potato salad which happens to be made with blue cheese and bacon…whoops!)

Pan Seared Salmon with Creamy Mascarpone Polenta and Grilled Asparagus

Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Creamy Baked Potato Salad

It was a divine restaurant with the dishes coming out cooked to perfection with the flavors in all the right places. My grapefruit martini with shaved ice was the most refreshing top off to a long day. By the time the waiter asked if we were interested in desert, I had all but licked my plate, and if we weren’t sitting so close to the other table, I just might have. There will absolutely be a next time and I will absolutely not shut up about this destination restaurant in a land not so distant, called Plano. Bon Voyage!

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  1. Eric Bond says:

    One of the best restaurants in Plano (and the entire Metroplex). I always think I am going to try something different but always end up ordering those amazing ribs!

  2. Rebekah Thomas says:

    This is the TRUTH. Jasper’s is an amazing find with an impressive dinner menu and an an equally impressive happy hour.

  3. Kerry Jordan says:

    Sounds absolutely delightful! My mouth is watering just over the pictures! I’ve never been to Jaspers, but after reading this review – I don’t see how I can wait any longer! It’s refreshing to get a real perspective on a restaurant instead of a paid advertisement. Thank you for sharing and keep it up! I know where my honey and I will be going this weekend…Jaspers!