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Obvious Apps: the product of two SMU grads

Posted by    |    February 16th, 2011 at 10:38 am

During an app idea contest for Obvious Apps, Danny Le entered his idea “Study Now” which would serve as a bank of information for accounting and finance classes. This app would be available on smart phones and iPads, and would help students all over the world. His app idea won and is now on iTunes, and he received a free iPad from Obvious Apps.

So, what is Obvious Apps? Realizing the way apps are made (i.e. developers put the apps out on the market and see if people buy it) isn’t that efficient, Stewart Youngblood, co-founder of Obvious Apps, had dreams of making a business out of it. A locally grown mobile app company started up by two recent Southern Methodist University graduates, Obvious Apps is a place where you can submit your app ideas and if voted on, they create the app and you receive a royalty for each app downloaded.