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Posted by    |    July 27th, 2010 at 12:17 pm

What do you get when you put 80 SMU alums on 2 buses to the Ballpark in Arlington with a promise of free beer and hotdogs? A party that could rival John Belushi’s days as a Delta in Animal House. An alum myself, I know that we are a hard working group, but when gratis brewskies are mentioned; our spreadsheets are closed and our 4 o’clock meetings are moved to the following day. We rushed to the buses in our work attire, hopped on board, and grabbed a beer (or three). Everyone threw back a bud light—evidently, we hadn’t lost our college touch (ah, our younger years). We arrived at the stadium for the LA Angels vs our Texas Rangers for what was sure to be a good game—and it was, but try pulling us away from the rousing games of flip cup to inform us of the 3-2 win. It was a night of hanging out with old friends, making new ones, and a fun way for SMU alums in Dallas to reconnect.