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Piss Off UT Moms? The Owners of 2400 Nueces Apartments in Austin Just Did.

Posted by    |    July 23rd, 2013 at 10:00 am


Source:  2400 Nueces Facebook Page dated May 15, 2013

A headboard.  That is what we are talking about.  But talking is what is happening (for now) as the owners of 2400 Nueces apartment in Austin, TX took it upon themselves to change the (bed) furniture at the last moment, resulting in each family having to spend more money to live there.   Here is an excerpt of an email from one mom.  “I am contacting you on behalf of a large group of parents of soon-to-be residents of your 2400 Nueces complex in Austin.  As I am sure you are aware, we were recently notified that headboards will no longer be provided in the apartment bedrooms.  The fully furnished aspect of 2400 Nueces was one of the primary reasons your property was chosen by our family and many others as the housing of choice for their UT student and our lease was executed based upon the fully furnished representation.  Headboards were shown in the apartment model and represented as part of the furnishings from the beginning.  To arbitrarily refuse to provide headboards two weeks prior to move-in is clearly a breach of contract and it is my understanding that no compensation (rent reduction) or resolution (delivery of headboards at a later date) is being offered.  This is an unacceptable solution and a terribly unprofessional beginning of a relationship between lessor and lessee.

It is also my understanding that the decision was made to not provide headboards because they are not “necessary”.  I take exception to this claim as many of the room configurations (including my daughter’s) have windows on all or part of the wall where the beds will best fit in the room.  Unless there is a headboard, the residents will be leaning into the window blinds which will likely result in the blinds being bent or pulled down completely, not to mention the fact that it will be terribly uncomfortable for the residents.


Source:  July 18, 2013 2400 Nueces Facebook Page

The photo that is posted on 2400 Nueces’ Facebook page of how the beds will look without a headboard evidences the issue with the windows.  I am still at a loss as to how they can represent this photo as “acceptable” in terms of furnishings.  We are being told that we can provide our own headboards at our own expense should we choose.  In addition to the monetary detriment (comparable headboards cost $300+), there is the issue of what size will effectively fit the raised bed frames as well as how the headboards will be attached to either the bed frame or the wall.  We have been given no guidance as to these details and I suspect if this issue is not resolved and many of the residents bring their own headboards, there will be numerous situations of boards not fitting or not being able to be secured.  Not only are we faced with the additional cost associated with purchasing a headboard and the uncertainty of it working, we will also incur either shipping or moving costs as a full size headboard will not fit in most cars or SUVs.

I would urge you to reconsider the current decision and agree to provide headboards to all residents, even if they must be delivered within a reasonable time after move-in.  If not, then at a minimum, lessees should be compensated either in a lump sum or a reduction of monthly rent requirements to reflect the reduced value of the lease and to also cover the additional expense of providing/transporting our own headboard.”

Let the debate begin.