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One Stop Summer Shop

Posted by    |    June 21st, 2011 at 2:17 pm

Photo Courtesy of Adeline's Facebook Page

Looking for a new shop to fulfill your summer wardrobe needs? Adeline on Lovers Lane is your solution. A previous peer of mine, Graeme Gehring, debuted her cozy yet trendy boutique this past May. After graduating from The University of Oklahoma in Spring 2010, Gehring decided to combine her passion for fashion and interest in retail to launch her very own store. The young entrepreneur traveled to markets in Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles to carefully select merchandise for Adeline. After asking Gehring what her target and objective were for opening Adeline, she stated, “I wanted to open a store with affordable clothing because I have always shopped for high quality yet affordable clothing and I don’t think there are enough stores in this area that serve that purpose. My price point is set to engage my target consumer – young women between 17 and 26. This age group of women usually doesn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on expensive clothes so they seek high quality yet inexpensive clothing.” One feature that sets Adeline apart from most local boutiques is Gehring creates most of the jewelry herself.

As an avid Adeline consumer, my favorite aspect of the store is its welcoming ambiance and original merchandise.  Adeline provides fashion forward customers with charming jewelry, clutches, undergarments and clothes ranging from tank tops to bandage skirts.  Whether you are attending a casual BBQ or going dancing, Adeline has everything you will need for the summer.

Adeline is located at 4412 Lovers Lane in Park Cities.