Fresh Faces and Gypsy Goods at Kiehl’s

Posted by    |    February 26th, 2013 at 11:21 am

the gypsy wagon dallas

You know those boho-chic girls with the long flowing locks and the effortlessly cool ensembles? The ones that seem to have mastered the “I’m not wearing any makeup” look while maintaining that glowing complexion?  The Gypsy Wagon is popping up for a one day event at Kiehls in Highland Park Village this Wednesday, February 27, to give you a fresh face and a stunning new style.


Too cool for school

Posted by    |    July 8th, 2011 at 10:39 am

Before we know it, little brainiacs everywhere will be heading back to school, leaving Mom with a little extra time on her hands.  Oh my, my, my…however will she spend it?  Might we suggest by getting a head start on updating your cool-weather-wardrobe? Just in time to shop the Autumn 2011 collection, Stella McCartney will  soon be opening the doors to her new, Highland Park Village diggs.  And fashionistas all over Dallas are giddy with anticipation. Here’s to hoping her kids line will be coming along for the ride.  Of course, considering that my toddler, Max, has recently decided that wearing clothes is no longer his thing…it might be wise of me to splurge on something for myself, instead. Come on, can you really blame the little guy? It’s hot out, right? Right?

So get ready, you stylish socialites. In just a few short months, label lovers with a particular fondness for Stella’s take on cutting-edge fashion, can delight over the eye candy she’ll be bringing to Big D, proving yet again, that Dallas is a designer shopping destination.  Yee-haw!

One Stop Summer Shop

Posted by    |    June 21st, 2011 at 2:17 pm

Photo Courtesy of Adeline's Facebook Page

Looking for a new shop to fulfill your summer wardrobe needs? Adeline on Lovers Lane is your solution. A previous peer of mine, Graeme Gehring, debuted her cozy yet trendy boutique this past May. After graduating from The University of Oklahoma in Spring 2010, Gehring decided to combine her passion for fashion and interest in retail to launch her very own store. The young entrepreneur traveled to markets in Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles to carefully select merchandise for Adeline. After asking Gehring what her target and objective were for opening Adeline, she stated, “I wanted to open a store with affordable clothing because I have always shopped for high quality yet affordable clothing and I don’t think there are enough stores in this area that serve that purpose. My price point is set to engage my target consumer – young women between 17 and 26. This age group of women usually doesn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on expensive clothes so they seek high quality yet inexpensive clothing.” One feature that sets Adeline apart from most local boutiques is Gehring creates most of the jewelry herself.

As an avid Adeline consumer, my favorite aspect of the store is its welcoming ambiance and original merchandise.  Adeline provides fashion forward customers with charming jewelry, clutches, undergarments and clothes ranging from tank tops to bandage skirts.  Whether you are attending a casual BBQ or going dancing, Adeline has everything you will need for the summer.

Adeline is located at 4412 Lovers Lane in Park Cities.

Pink Memo debuts Spring Trends at Neiman Marcus

Posted by    |    February 17th, 2011 at 10:45 am

Last night, I joined the stylish at Neiman Marcus Downtown for a Boho Chic Spring Trend Event hosted by Pink Memo.

They advise, “When shopping this spring, the following boho influences will keep you ‘on-trend’, so remember: look cool in coral, bloom in floral, solid in stripes, glow in a white hot wardrobe, layer long necklaces, get a must-have crossbody bag, flutter in flat sandals, and one must always wear a wedge.”

They weren’t kidding about the coral. (more…)

Win Free Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Posted by    |    February 10th, 2011 at 11:05 pm

Look what showed up on my doorstep today!

The Koran states, “Bread feeds the body… but flowers feed the soul.”

There’s nothing quite as wondrous as a flower. Bathed in color, supple to touch, luscious in scent. Flowers can be sexy, sensuous, playful, flirty, mysterious and are always magical to behold.

Emma Goldman said, “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” I don’t know if I’d go that far… but I do love a fragrant bouquet of flowers.

The Flower Cart is a Dallas florist who would like to make your Valentine’s Day – or any ‘ole day – a little brighter.  They have given me a $30 gift card to bestow on one lucky reader. (more…)

Santa is resting up for his long journey

Posted by    |    December 21st, 2010 at 4:42 pm

We’re not really sure how he does it, but each year Santa Claus successfully manages to trek his way around the world in his reindeer-powered sleigh, bringing cheer to all the good girls and boys. While we’re sure he stays plenty caffeinated with his endless supply of hot coco and poorly assembled cookies, he must need one heck of a night’s rest on the Eve of Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow, December 22, Santa is making a stop at DUXIANA from 5:30pm-8:30pm for a luxurious nap at the Preston Center location. Kids can come sit with Santa for an old-school Polaroid photo, and DUXIANA owner Serena Cole is hosting a cookie decoration station for the little tykes to keep their hands busy while mom and dad browse the bedding. Guests have the option of leaving warm clothing for foster care children benefitting from Friends of Wednesday’s Child.

Happy Holidays and a wonderful night’s rest to all!

DUXIANA is located at 6134 Berkshire Ln., Dallas, Texas 75225

DUXIANA resolves our need for snooze buttons

Posted by    |    December 15th, 2010 at 3:43 pm

We have a very difficult time getting out of bed in the morning without hitting the snooze button several times before finally trudging to the kitchen to make that first pot of coffee. We also sincerely miss naptime of elementary school days past. So when we are invited to spend part of the workweek relaxing on luxurious bedding, we’re there like Rip Van Winkle on Ambien. (Assuming he arrived prior to falling asleep.)

Last week, Serena Cole, Owner of DUXIANA, and real estate reporter, Candy Evans, welcomed select real estate professionals and interior designers to the posh store for heavy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. “The event was great [...] it was a great turn out, lots of designers, lots of realtors, and it was a lot of fun,” said Cole of the event at her store in Preston Center. (more…)

My Black Monday

Posted by    |    November 22nd, 2010 at 3:26 pm

Nov 22. My Black Monday
I feel like the cat who swallowed the mouse. I have a seeecret, I have a seeecret. It is wrapped in shiny paper and hidden in the bottom of my closet…I spent a total of 6 hours hunting for it, and I finally got it. The very last Xbox 360 250Gig Kinnect bundle pack that was left in any of the Best Buys in the Metroplex today is in my hands. I am licking my chops in excitement at my sons face on xmas morning.
It all started a few weeks ago when the media started bombarding children (and grown-ups) about the Kinnect “your body is the remote” Xbox 360. Now, let me preface this with a shameful statement: my son has had the Wii for three years and I went on this crazy hunt exactly three years ago, when the Wii was coming out and eeeeveryone wanted it. But somehow, in three years he has outgrown the system, and even I have to agree that the other box looks waaaay cooler and grown up. Yes, the silly kid in me comes out for stuff like this. And I mean that on every level. I should say the stupid kid in me, rather, as a single mom (in debt) I should NOT be thinking about this kind of thing…much less buying it. But I am willing to eat tuna for the rest of the month, just to see that child’s face on xmas morning. And last night, on the Snider Plaza Xmas celebration my son—who is 10 and still on the verge of questioning certain xmas potential non-existent characters (can you say Santa?) still agreed to a lap photo with a very jolly Santa – and I heard him say softly “You can have my Wii for other children, if I can trade it for the Xbox this year…” I know he won’t believe in Santa next year for sure, and this scene melted my heart and made up my mind. I knew what I had to do.


Test drive

Posted by    |    October 22nd, 2010 at 9:45 am

We love fancy cars. We love driving fancy cars. And if someone told us that we could test drive a super fancy car, and give back to charity, we’d hop in that drivers seat like a grasshopper on a blacktop during a Texas summer.  Saturday, October 30, at NorthPark Center, Cadillac is having a “Ride & Drive” event from 10am-6pm. Test drive a new Cadillac, and they will make a $10 donation to The Family Place up to $5,000.  To put it simply: you can pretend you own a fancy car (forget the down payment and the APR babble) and they will give to charity. Not you…they. I can hear your old car tires screeching to the mall already…