Before you head to the SMU homecoming game have fun and get fit by helping a good cause

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On Saturday, October 27th the SMU chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta will be holding their annual 5k run benefiting their on going support of CASA. CASA (court appointed special advocates) is a non-profit organization of volunteers that gives a voice to the thousands of children in foster care. Founded in 1977, CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children. Today more than 500 volunteers serve more than 1,300 children each year, giving them a chance at a safe and permanent home.

So come out and support this great cause by walking, running or skipping the 5k or the One Mile Fun Run. Registration starts at 7:00am followed by the two races with everything finishing up around 9:00am when awards and goodies will be given out. This year they will be  raffling off some great prizes from Dry Bar, Raising Cane’s, Bandito’s and Uptown Country and more! Check out the SMU calendar for more information about registration and scheduling.


Happy President’s Day 2012

Posted by    |    February 20th, 2012 at 3:40 pm

How many of us have ever been president of something?  I was elected president of the Southwest High School German Club in the fall of my senior year.  I wasn’t ambitious or qualified; I just had the most Germanic name so I was the leader of choice.  My only responsibilities involved overseeing the annual fundraiser, the Gummy Bear sale, and making sure we had enough competitors for the Foreign Language Fair.  Gummy Bears were still very exotic in 1984, so they were an easy sell. Recruiting classmates to perform plays in German was a different story.  We ended up with only two entries in the spoken German category; my best friends supported me by performing “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” auf deutsch and yours truly and another friend performed a depressing dialog about a teenage girl who becomes pregnant and tries to convince her Mutti that a stork is responsible.  Whether it was the material we chose or the talent we presented, none of us left the fair with a ribbon that day.  Sad, since we had given up a Friday night to be in top form for Saturday morning competition; and we didn’t win any resume-building accolades. It was that Saturday evening when I decided being president, being the one responsible for all, is not for me.

Being a president is hard work.  Are any of us really capable or qualified to be president? Having said that, though, the definitions of president sound pretty impressive:  head of state; chief executive; person who presides over an assembly, corporation or group; one who governs a body of people, etc.  What, with all that power, who wouldn’t want to preside?  Who hasn’t thought, just once, “Heck, I could be a better president than that guy!”   (more…)

There Goes the Neigh-borhood

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Merry Christmas!  I love saying that.  I kind of feel a little edgy when I say it – so many folks these days stick to Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings. I love Christmas, I do. Each year at Christmas I relive my (minor but self important) part in the 5th grade Christmas play (we could still call it a Christmas play in 1977) and belt out “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” in the shower and make the kids watch A Charlie Brown Christmas with me. I love to create funny Christmas cards and buy thoughtful gifts for friends and family. But here’s what I don’t really love: the throngs of people who drive up and down my street and throughout my neighborhood looking at Christmas light displays.

Call me Scrooge. The homes on my street in Highland Park are, for the most part, original 1927-ish Tudors that have been updated. Our lots aren’t wide or deep and our street is narrow. So, imagine a scene in which four vehicles are parked on one side of the street, another seven are parked along the other, and residential traffic is trying to pass through. Then let’s add to this little Christmas kaleidoscope, a horse-drawn carriage with people sipping Starbuck’s hot chocolate and sweating their Thanksgiving paunches off. Just for fun throw in a Dan Dipert super bus inching down the street right behind it.  Then, for a really neat visual image, picture me, in white and blue polka dot flannel pajamas and Uggs, taking my anxiety-riddled Golden Retriever out for a tinkle. (more…)

Drybar: The Perfect Blow-Out

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The Heavens smiled upon Dallas the day that the Los Angeles-based Drybar finally landed on Oak Lawn Avenue. The salon has been receiving rave reviews from Vanity FairPeople and The New York Times (just to name a few) since it first swept through California like wildfire. It’s easy to see why: it’s literally “Girl Heaven”*.

The impeccably designed white and yellow salon geared solely towards blow-outs is chic and feminine. Guests are ushered to a station complete with iPhone charger, purse hook and a front row seat to the movie playing throughout the salon (always something approved of in “Girl Heaven” such as Mean Girls or Moulin Rouge). After being offered complimentary wine or champagne, guests are encouraged to “pick your poison”: a menu of Cosmopolitans, Mai Tais, Straight Ups, Manhattans and Southern Comforts (hairstyles, not cocktails) are all available for only $35.


osgood-o’neil salon, Treat Yourself!

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In terms of a hair cut, I’m perfectly willing to go to Supercuts. But when it comes to the color of my hair, the stakes are higher. Let’s face it, hair can make or break you, so having faith in the people tin foiling it up is immensely important. Three years ago, I was new to Dallas and completely clueless on where to get my locks lightened. An insightful friend highly recommended osgood-o’neil salon and I’ve never turned back. I literally refuse to go anywhere else.

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The salon, which has received several accolades for decor and colorists, is an experience every Dallasite should be lucky enough to have. Even men, there are lots of males in there every time I go. Receptionists and colorists look like they’ve stepped out of the glossy pages of an edgy magazine. Brick walls, beautifully stylized stations, chandeliers and couches create an atmosphere the Kardashians would approve of. It’s an upscale experience with an upscale price, but it’s worth every penny. I’ve been receiving compliments on my hair color for the past four years now. osgood-o’neil is particularly good with blondes, creating a naturally lightened look that gives me that uber-blonde look I had always dreamed of without making me look like one of Hef’s girls next door. Make sure you get their glaze treatment, one of the techniques that makes the color blend together naturally.


Remembering the Past

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“We’re in a war,” he said. “The story of this war – dates, names, who started it, why – that belongs to everyone. Not just the people involved in it, but the people who write newspapers, politicians thousands of miles away, people who’ve never even been here or heard of it before.  But something like this – this is yours.  It belongs only to you. And me.  Only to us.”

-Téa Olbrecht in The Tiger’s Wife

Everyone has a 9/11 story. Mine begins in November 1990 when I moved to New York City fresh out of college. I knew my future was there in the form of independence, career and, the damnedest of all things that ensures and derails your future at the same time, love.  We were freshman-in-college sweethearts who had lost touch for years but, somehow, ended up in New York at the same time. His office was in the World Financial Center, mine was in the Flat Iron district. His subway stop, which soon became our subway stop, was Cortlandt Street, World Trade Center. The World Trade Center was our one-stop for facilitating the business of life.  Our first joint checking account was opened at Chase Bank, 1 WTC. Our dry cleaners, our book store, the Lerner NY store where I bought work clothes for my $16,000- a-year PR job – it was right there in the WTC mall. (more…)

Delicious Doesn’t Do It Justice…PoPaLiCious Paletas

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Natural. Organic. Naturally sweetened.  These buzz words aren’t just hype; Americans are on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon and starting a food revolution.  (Thanks to Jamie Oliver for giving us a jump-start.) Oh sure, you know where you can get veggies and fruit to cook a healthy meal with, but what about something for the sweet tooth?  The secret is out: paletas are the sweet treat you’ve been looking for with less calories than that slice of lemon cake at Starbucks (fruit bars are 50-60 calories!) You don’t have to travel to Mexico to experience the sweet, cool, and divine flavors of chilly paletas any longer, because local treat connoisseur Pamela Rueda has you covered. (more…)

No Longer Developing: Cooter’s Cameras to Close

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Founded by Al Cooter in 1941 and a staple of Highland Park Village, Cooter’s Village Cameras will close on Saturday, marking the end of a era for a popular Park Cities retailer. Virtually every Park Cities resident has at one time wandered into the store, generally regarded as one of the finest camera stores in the southwest. Cooter’s was a place where professional photographers could get their $30,000 Leica serviced, or little old ladies could get a set of Kodak prints from their disposable camera. Ably managed by brothers Kirk and Chriss Cooter (Chriss is the one that, to my recollection, has never smiled), the store has been a treasure. In my early days of owning Park Cities People, we would often have to get photo supplies or emergency processing done there. The guys always gave a fair price, but ultimately, online photo retailers like B&H Photo out of New York have  stolen market share away from local stores. A tragedy, especially given that the Cooter’s staff was probably the most knowledgeable photography team around. Standing ovation to a great family owned business who served its community with devotion and professionalism for 70 years.

Dip into Dive

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I’ve been having a mini love affair with Dive for a while now, and I think it’s time I finally spoke out about it. I love it so much. I love the coastal cuisine, I love the soothing white and mint interior and I love the fact that you can dip pretty much every entree (love to dip).

But I’m not just going to go on some rant about how awesome it is. There are some negatives. Mainly, the prices. Honestly, it’s a little too pricey for me to go as often as I would like to (I just can’t bring myself to pay $12 for a little ahi tuna every day). But when you think about it, there’s really no where else like it. It’s tacos, ceviche and wraps are unmatched in my opinion. So while I wish the prices were lower, I’m willing to shell out a little extra change to keep my coastal cuisine taste buds satisfied.


Too cool for school

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Before we know it, little brainiacs everywhere will be heading back to school, leaving Mom with a little extra time on her hands.  Oh my, my, my…however will she spend it?  Might we suggest by getting a head start on updating your cool-weather-wardrobe? Just in time to shop the Autumn 2011 collection, Stella McCartney will  soon be opening the doors to her new, Highland Park Village diggs.  And fashionistas all over Dallas are giddy with anticipation. Here’s to hoping her kids line will be coming along for the ride.  Of course, considering that my toddler, Max, has recently decided that wearing clothes is no longer his thing…it might be wise of me to splurge on something for myself, instead. Come on, can you really blame the little guy? It’s hot out, right? Right?

So get ready, you stylish socialites. In just a few short months, label lovers with a particular fondness for Stella’s take on cutting-edge fashion, can delight over the eye candy she’ll be bringing to Big D, proving yet again, that Dallas is a designer shopping destination.  Yee-haw!