Delicious Doesn’t Do It Justice…PoPaLiCious Paletas

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Natural. Organic. Naturally sweetened.  These buzz words aren’t just hype; Americans are on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon and starting a food revolution.  (Thanks to Jamie Oliver for giving us a jump-start.) Oh sure, you know where you can get veggies and fruit to cook a healthy meal with, but what about something for the sweet tooth?  The secret is out: paletas are the sweet treat you’ve been looking for with less calories than that slice of lemon cake at Starbucks (fruit bars are 50-60 calories!) You don’t have to travel to Mexico to experience the sweet, cool, and divine flavors of chilly paletas any longer, because local treat connoisseur Pamela Rueda has you covered.

What exactly is a paleta? According to Rueda, “These incredibly refreshing, flavor-packed delicacies combine top-quality ingredients like fruits, nuts, flowers and spices into a delicioso frozen dessert on a stick. They may look like a popsicle, but PoPaLiCious paletas are like no popsicle you’ve ever tasted!”  She’s right on the money.  These treats are certainly no run of the mill popsicle.  With fruit flavors like Fresh Watermelon, Cantaloupe-Loop, Limón (Lime), Pure Pineapple, Chile-Fruit (fresh fruits with a kick!), Tamarind and the exotic Hibiscus-Mint, there is no doubt you’re eating a gourmet dessert.  If you prefer an ice cream experience, you can try the Cream Paletas: Bella Banana, Rice Pudding, Pretty Pecan, Velve Vanilla, Creamy Coco, Mango Mami, Whipped Strawberry, and Cookies & Cream.

PoPaLiCious paletas are made in small batches in a modern commercial facility to ensure the best flavor and quality. Rueda uses locally bought fruits and fair trade USDA organic cane sugar and promises to never use artificial flavors. The parent of a young son, she knows the importance of providing fresh, organic, and healthy options to ensure a better quality of life, and wants to share this delicious treat with the rest of Dallas.

Whether you’re planning your next dinner party, cook-out, child’s birthday celebration, or just want to keep a healthy and low-cal treat on hand for those late night munchies, PoPaLiCious Paletas are a creative solution.  Get PoPaLiCious in Dallas by emailing or calling 214-280-2329. Get 12 Fruit Paletas for $36 (a $6 savings!!!), or $3.50 each. Get 12 Creamy Paletas for $42 (a $6 savings!!), or $4.00 each.



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