Fall in Cinematic Love with Inwood Theatre

Posted by    |    June 23rd, 2011 at 10:45 am

courtesy of dallasobserver.com

There are so many reasons to love Inwood Theatre: the love seats, the beautiful murals, the amazing popcorn and concessions stand, one of Dallas’ best martini bars and the undeniable greatness of being able to bring that martini into the theatre with you.

Inwood Theatre has a long-standing history in Dallas. First opening in 1947, the charming theatre was able to maintain that charm over the years thanks to an extensive renovation in 2005 when Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner took over Landmark Theatres.

What makes Inwood Theatre a Dallas Landmark and an experience all its own is the emphasis on a “film experience”. The passion for that vintage theatre atmosphere is evident when you first walk through the historic doors. The old-fashioned ticket vendor waiting outside, the warm, brightly colored murals that great you at the door and the emphasis on independent and foreign language cinema all lend in hand in creating a one-of-a-kind movie night.

The next time you’re looking for a real cinema experience, pick something other than the latest blockbuster, grab a martini at the popular Lounge, flavor your popcorn however you please and sink into some of Inwood’s sumptuous seating options. Enjoy!



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