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The Roger W. Lytle Disc Golf Course is Complete!

Posted by    |    December 23rd, 2015 at 12:27 pm



After 18 months of planning, fundraising, and negotiating, the Roger W. Lytle Disc Golf Course is built!


IMG_3456Thank you to the many donors who made this possible, and to the numerous volunteers who came out to the build day. What we thought would take many hours was wrapped up in just two and a half hours! Along with our community, the East Dallas Disc Golf group’s strong turnout was invaluable!

A special thank you to Dylan Holt for pressing on when things looked bleak at the city level. The improved partnership with the Dallas Parks Department has been a great resource for us all, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

The course will be open for the first round of play at noon on Christmas Eve!

trimmed map




We love you, Lytle Family. roger disc


Build Day for the Roger W. Lytle Disc Golf Course at Oak Cliff Founders Park!

Posted by    |    December 11th, 2015 at 10:14 am

We’ve talked, worked, begged, fundraised, and now it’s actually time to build! The first work day to install the pins for the Roger W Lytle Disc Golf Course at Oak Cliff Founders Park is scheduled for December 23rd from 9 – 2 p.m. The work is physical– pouring concrete is involved– so we need as many strong backs as we can get to work along side the city placing the pins.
If you’re able to give an hour or two, would you sign up for a shift online here?
Some jobs will pop up that won’t be as physical, so if you’re available, plan to stop by and see how you can help make this dream finally become reality!
THANK YOU to those who made this possible!
Adam Zucker
Alice Zaccarello
Amy & Eric Cowan
Andrew Howard
Angela Enache & Dan Midkiff
Annmarie Winston
Arik & Amelia Cardenas
Barbara and Marshall
Betsy carter
Bishop Street Market
Boyd & Katy Wallace
BR_DGE Creative Studios
Brian C & Lisa K Brian Thomas
Chas Fitzgerald
Chris Rogers
Christian, Jessica, and Chloe Johnson
Dombrowski Family
Dylan Holt
Emily Cortez
Eric Beich
Fahrenholz Family
Grand Bank of Texas
Hal & Vicki Barkley
In memory of Cameron
In memory of Dalton
Jane & Jerry Kegel
Jason Jelen
Jen Lawson & Charles Gaby
Jennifer Thornton
Jeremy K. Short
Jesse Ray Hartnett
John McKelvy
Joseph Contreras
Josephine Durkin
Keith Emmons
Kent and linda namikas
Kent L Boyer
Kyle Sipe
Larry & Bonnie Breazeale
Lesli & Madeleine Tuck
Lisa & Brandon Mohon
M & C Haley
Mark & Skadi
Methodist Dallas Medical Center
Mikey Whittiker
Monica Diodati
Monte Anderson
Nick & Melissa Patronella
Patrick Lynch
Ryan & Heidi Hodge
Sam and Audra Kirkendall
Sheri and James Mathis
Stacey & Matt Spillers
Team [EXP] Ninjabee
The ‘Perna’ Family
The Ashley Family
The Briones Family
The Geiger Family
The Kyle Family
The Line Family
The Lytle Family
The O’Brien Allingers
The Racz Family
The Roberts Family
The Rodemacher Family