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Architecture at Risk Revisited

Posted by    |    April 29th, 2014 at 11:56 am

    1. Historic Alamo Courts Signage   

It’s a story everyone knows.  

1. Owner demolishes aging motor court for future development and promises the preservation community to preserve the iconic sign on the property.

2. Owner begins floating ideas about moving the sign off the property and the preservation community, the public and the press reminds him he would not.

3. Owner says he will salvage the sign rather than preserve it and scatter it’s parts across the development which in effect would destroy the sign.

All of Oak Cliff wants to support the Sylvan/Thirty development and wants it to succeed.  Much of Oak Cliff wants the Alamo sign preserved, in itact and on the historic roadway.  

There is still time to do the right thing and listen to the wishes of the community and have a happy ending.

The beautiful sign is imprisoned only a few blocks away.

If you’d like to talk to the owner of the sign you can do so at
or his agent at

Mayor’s Grow South Initiative – Year 3

Posted by    |    April 24th, 2014 at 1:27 pm

 Your last day to register is Thursday April 24th.

Cliff Mart SUP on Clarendon Up for Automatic Approvals

Posted by    |    April 17th, 2014 at 2:19 pm

from District 1 City Councilman Scott Griggs

In a few weeks, the special-use permit that allows the operation of a drive-through beer barn at the Cliff Stop at Clarendon and Hampton will expire. The owner has applied for its renewal and is asking that the city automatically renew the SUP going forward.

If you own property within the notification area for this SUP, you should receive notice of this application within the week. You will have 21 days to return the reply form stating your support of or opposition to the application.

Those living outside the notification area can still offer their opinion on the application by sending an email to Neva Dean in the city’s Sustainable Development and Construction Department, or by phoning her at 214.670.4209.

Many of you may know that the owners of this property bought the historic Humble Station on Zang and Beckley which was recently demolished. – OOCCL


Spring DADA Bike Swarm and Uptown Ciclovia

Posted by    |    April 16th, 2014 at 3:48 pm

There’s always an opportunity to ride a bicycle in our great city of Dallas, TX, but these two upcoming events are expecting a big bicycle crowd to take part!


Let’s roll!

dadaFirst up, the Spring edition of Dallas Art Dealer’s Association or DADA will host another Bike Swarm in conjunction with their bi-annual gallery tour.   Here are the details:

Date:  April 26, 2014

Meet Up Time:  12:30 PM

Departure Time: 1:00 PM

Return Time:  5:00 PM

Meet Up Location:  Oak Cliff Cultural Center, 223 W. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75208

Approximate Mileage: 8 – 12 miles



uptown-ciclovia-logoNext, Uptown is getting into the bicycle spirit by hosting it’s first Ciclovia, and only the second one to be held in Dallas since BFOC hosted the first back in 2012!

From their website

Dallas’ first large scale Ciclovía will be held in Uptown from 10am – 3pm on Memorial Day, May 26, 2014! Together with the Metropolitan Dallas YMCA, Uptown will host a one-mile, car-free route to connect the Katy Trail to the Klyde Warren Park via Cedar Springs Road.

Ciclovías, translated as “bicycle path,” and also known as Open Streets in the United States, are one-of-a-kind, free events that bring a City together to enjoy all things outdoors- running, biking, roller-skating, strollers, etc.

Ciclovías have been successfully happening and gaining momentum for years in world-class cities around the country, including: Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Miami, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Oklahoma City, Denver, Durham, and Atlanta. It’s time for Dallas to host our own!

In these cities, those along Open Streets routes have enjoyed positive impacts on their businesses by participating in the family-friendly event. We invite you to join us as we create an open space that will connect people with their city in a fun, safe, and clean environment!

Date:  May 26, 2014

Time:  10 AM – 3 PM


Trinity Tollroad

Posted by    |    April 16th, 2014 at 9:39 am

A final public meeting for the Trinity Tollroad will be held on April 24, 2014 at 5:00 pm in the old Dallas Memorial Auditorium across from City Hall.  


Trinity River toll road planner to Dallas City Council: Parkway could be swamped in a flood

taken from The Dallas Morning News by Robert Wilonsky April 14, 2014 

Dallas City Council member Scott Griggs has always been against planting a high-speed, six-lane toll road the city along the east levee of the Trinity River between Interstate 45/U.S. 175 to the Interstate 35E and State Highway 183 merge. His reasons are myriad. “For starters,” he said Monday afternoon, “urban design, mobility and environmental reasons.” But following today’s meeting of the Dallas City Council’s Transportation and Trinity Corridor Project Committee, Griggs said he has additional reasons to be dead-set against an unfunded road guesstimated to cost upwards of $1.5 billion.


April Newsletter 2014

Posted by    |    April 15th, 2014 at 9:47 pm

For the printed April Newsletter flyer, please click here…

Thank you,
Lybo Buchanan
Raymond Crawford

Dallas Bicycle Task Force Meeting, Tomorrow!

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mayor mike

Not sure Mayor Mike will be in attendance, but if you want your own voice to be heard about how we as a bicycling community can shape our cities’ future, you need to try and attend the first Dallas Bicycle Task Force meeting tomorrow.  Councilmen Kingston, Griggs, and Medrano are heading up what the city has failed to do yet since it completed and approved a May 2011 Bike Plan to bring the city bicycling infrastructure into the 21st century.

So far, the going has been slow in getting more infrastructure in place, but Oak Cliff has already received some of the most new bicycling infrastructure in the city, because BFOC has done a great job leading the way in making it so.  We obviously have a ways to go, and the lead finally being taken by our elected officials is a breath of fresh air.


Because the world is better off with Muppet’s on bicycles!

Here are the meeting details:

Wednesday, April 16

6:00 p.m. at Main Street Garden for a ride to

City Hall, 6:30 p.m.


Meet us at MSG or at City Hall for the meeting (I’ll forward meeting room details and building access information shortly). Please invite anyone you think would be helpful. The agenda for the first meeting will be


1. Structure of the Task Force

2. Leadership

3. Helmet Ordinance

4. Bike Share


High likelihood of beers after the meeting. Call my cell phone with questions. 214-642-1707

Seersucker Spring Picnic Ride Essentials

Posted by    |    April 14th, 2014 at 8:00 am

Seersucker Wedding

Spring has finally sprung. It felt like it was never going to make it, and yet, here we are. The key is to take advantage of it before Summer hits… With that in mind we’re hosting a spring picnic ride Saturday afternoon, April 26th to our beautiful Turtle Creek.

Here are some tips and must-haves for joining this year’s Seersucker Spring Picnic Ride.

Things you’ll need:

Bike   I am going to make a pretty large assumption that you already have a bike. So, cross this one off of your list. If you don’t, I suggest hitting up craigslist or any local bike shop (more on this later).

seersucker-suitSeersucker   This one is key.  Seer sucker is a light breezy fabric puckered fabric, usually with stripes, perfect for dressing up in balmy weather. Wearing seer sucker takes us back to the 20′s, when people still dressed up even in the heat (and no air conditioning!) According to Wiki, The fabric was originally worn by the poor in the U.S. until preppy undergraduate students began wearing it in the 1920s in an air of reverse snobbery. Perfect.

Because of the fabrication technique it can be pricey – though a bargain shopper might find seer sucker at a thrift store or outlet for much less. If you hurry there’s still time to get a nice seersucker dress/suit/short/skirt/jacket online and have it tailored. If you’re pressed for time, you could get away with just a bowtie.

Basket  There are tons of options for a picnic basket depending on your personal style and the type of bike you ride. My personal favorite is this Front Basket by Wald. It’s inexpensive, easy to install, but only works with a few handlebar styles. If your bike needs a picnic basket, visit one of our friends at the following bike shops:

Oak Cliff Bicycle Co. seer sucker pose
Richardson Bike Mart
Dallas Bike Works
Bicycles Plus
Switching Gears Cyclery

So now you’ve got your blanket in your basket on your bike, and you’re seersuckered up. What to pack? That’s simple enough, just pack any snacks you’d like to have, and maybe a little extra to share with your fellow seersuckered bike riding friends. If, however, you want to up your picnic game, here’s some things that will make for a fantastic spring picnic in the park.


Picnicing at the recent Jazz Age Sunday Social. (Note the plastic wine glass!)

Cheese, Sausage, Fruit (grapes, berries, apples, etc), Nuts & tasty dessert You must know that in case you’re pressed for time we’ll be stopping by the Eatzie’s on Oak Lawn along the way. Luckily it’s right near our destination at Robert E Lee Park!

Beverages (I should take this opportunity to say that a person caught consuming alcohol in Dallas city park can be fined up to $500, so you know, do what you will with that information.)

Cups Glass is fancy, but risky. There’s plenty of other alternatives available.

Forks, knives, spoons (as necessary) Whole Foods has bamboo ones that are pretty neat. I’ve seen some compostable plasticware that’s nice. Like the cups, disposable is convenient, reusable works too.


Water & Sunscreen

Yard games!  We’ll have at least one set of croquet and bean bag toss – feel free to bring your own!

2014 Grant Application

Posted by    |    April 13th, 2014 at 5:25 pm

Please click here to download the 2014 Old Oak Cliff Conservation League’s Grant Application.



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Deadline for submission is Friday, 30 May, by 7pm.

Remember, to mark your calendar for this year’s Symposium.  (See below)

The OOCCL Symposium:

The Symposium provides an opportunity for neighbors to learn more about OOCCL neighborhood grants which last year provided approximately $20K to neighborhoods and local nonprofits for improvements.

This year’s plan is to provide as much information as possible in a much shorter time frame, and will focus on the Grant process.

Keynote speaker will be someone from the Chief of Staff office with the City of Dallas to discuss the Grow South program. Other speakers will be the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce President, Kiyundra Gulley, Preservation Dallas President, David Preizosi, & Phil Leven will talk about the Home Tour. 

Speakers:   10 – noon

Grants:   12:30 – 2pm 

Free to all.

26 April 2014

Turner House


Jacques Groth

Vice President for Neighborhoods

Old Oak Cliff Conservation League

972-546-0616, or


Help Us Build the Roger Lytle Disc Golf Course

Posted by    |    April 11th, 2014 at 4:34 pm

In honor of the memory of Roger William Lytle, the Oak Cliff community is working to raise funds to develop a public disc golf course in Founders Park. Roger’s daddy, Zac, has been co-leading the effort to develop a 9 hole course in the park for some time, and with the support of the city of Dallas, we’d like to help meet the goal of raising $10,000 for the effort. We plan to have the names of all contributors added to a donor board at the park.