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Help BF Duncanville!

Posted by    |    November 28th, 2012 at 5:10 am

We received a recent post on our Bike Friendly Oak Cliff Facebook group page from Bike Friendly Duncanville that we thought we’d pass along here.  If you’re interested in helping be apart , contact Jeff Jones here on FB here: or just reply to this post and we’ll pass along your information.

If you’d like to organize a group to participate as BFOC in their parade, we would be most appreciative.  Simply post your intentions in a reply here or on our FB group.

Hey Bike Friendly Oak Cliff People!
Bike Friendly Duncanville is trying to spread the word about cycling in our little corner of the earth. On December 7th @ 7pm, the Duncanville Christmas parade will be traveling down our newly re-developed Main Street. Bike Friendly Duncanville needs your help in promoting the cycling culture in Duncanville. There is no entry fee and only 2 stipulations you must follow: The float (your bike) must have lights (glows sticks are considered lights) and no dressing up as Santa (he will be the tail end of the parade.) Line up is at 6:20pm. For those of you who may not know, the Duncanville City Council is not fond of the idea of bike lanes. The idea has been presented to them before via Jason Roberts & Andrew Corey Howard and it has not gone any further than the council chambers. Your presence in the parade will help demonstrate that the culture exists and that we will not be ignored. It may even twist them a bit. Message me if you are interested and I will get you all of the details. Find out more, search Bike Friendly Duncanville on Facebook!! Hope to see you at the parade!!

Officer Tippit Historical Marker Dedication

Posted by    |    November 20th, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Adamson High School’s JROTC Honor Guard
The JD Tippit Historical Marker dedication ceremony took place this afternoon, the 20th of Nov, at Patton and 10th Street, part of the Adamson Campus. A large crowd gathered for the dedication, including JD Tippit’s widow, Marie Tippit, and their 3 children, Brenda, Alan, & Curtis, as well as several other Tippit family members. Also present were DISD District 7 Eric Cowen, Council-person of Dist 1, Delia Jasso, Texas House Representative Raphael Anchia, Chief of Police David O Brown, and Farris Rookstool II, who wrote the 109 altpage narrative for the designation.  Members of the OOCCL that attended the dedication were Phil Leven, current president, Judi Glazer, Membership, Judy Pollock, VP-Memberhip Sherry Peel, VP Neighborhoods, JD Jasso, Treasurer Lybo Buchanan, VP-Communication, Michael Amonett, past President, Barbara Barbee, past President, & Pam Conley, Kidd Springs representative.

Juan Armijo, Senior at Adamson High School and High School Reporter, opened the dedication ceremony commemorating the historical event.

Presentation of the Colors, was performed by the Adamson High School JROTC with the Dallas Police Department Choir singing God Bless America.

Eric Cowan, DISD Trustee for District 7, gave the welcoming speach and introductions of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League. See photo below on right.alt

Michael Amonett, past president of the OOCCL, gave a brief history of  how the historical marker for JD Tippit came to be. It started 2 years ago during an interview with Brad Watson, who inquired why there was no marker for Officer Tippit.  Amonett did not have an answer, so started the process of finding out how to make it happen.  

Chief David Brown described the events leading up to the shooting of Officer Tippit, and introduced Marie Tippit, his widow.  Chief Brown walked Mrs Tippit to the podium where she briefly spoke a few words to the crowd.

altThe Unveiling of the Historical Marker was performed by Farris Rookstool II, Marie Tippit, & Chief Brown. See photo above, left.

As Juan Armijo said at the beginning, the marker will serve as an inspiration to the students at Adamson High School.      

 tangible piece of history in their own back yard.

It was indeed a beautiful day.

Marie Tippit with Michael Amonett


Bike Rack Competition Continues through December 1st

Posted by    |    November 20th, 2012 at 5:10 am

Don’t forget there’s still plenty of time to get in your design plans for the bike rack design/build competition by December 1st!  Get your entries in asap.  See below for the full details and how to submit:

We have all used a tree, lamp post or stop sign as a makeshift bike rack at one point or another. Fred Pena of the Back Porch Studio is taking steps to avoid bike pile-ups like above and YOU can be a part of the movement through our BIKE RACK DESIGN/BUILD COMPETITION.

Competition Information
This project is a design competition; following these instructions and using the drawing packet (available here) as a guide you will design an entry and submit it for consideration by SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2012.

Feel free to submit more than one entry. The winning design will then be built at a work shop and the design and building instructions will be made available online.You will have until
Saturday December 1st to complete and submit your design entry. The construction part of the project  will occur at a later date to be announced in early 2013.

This competition is a collaborative project created by The Back Porch Studio, Oil and Cotton and Bike Friendly Oak Cliff. The Back Porch Studio is a project that supports community building through education and volunteer based design/build projects. Oil and Cotton is learning studio dedicated to arts education. Bike Friendly Oak Cliff is an organization focused on creating a more bike friendly community. Aside from organizing family-friendly bike events and activities, one of their goals is to bring bike infrastructure to the community. This design competition is one of the steps taken toward that goal.The purpose of making this design available is to promote a bike-able community by making the racks easily accessible to small businesses.

The design requirements for the project simply consist of designing an easy-to-build bike rack. It can be as simple as taking a common bike rack design and proposing an easy way to build it or it can be a design that involves more than what is asked for in the design criteria, for example incorporating a bike repair station into the rack, or it may include helmet storage.The winning entry will take all of these items into consideration:

Design will be mindful of the “make do with what you got” philosophy and will be mindful of environmentally-friendly materials and processes. This means it is preferred that you think of materials that are repurposed, for example: using some sort of leftover material in a common fabrication process or something along those lines.

Design will allow for either options in fixed racks or be modular to be able to hold various amounts of bikes. If it’s“fixed” think about whether it is a 3-4 bike rack or one that holds 8 bikes. The ideal would be a flexible design that would hold a different number of bikes depending on how many modules you build and put together. This would allow the builder to build as many as they need and add or remove modules seasonally.

Materials will take into consideration how accessible the parts or materials are as well as how securely it holds the bikes. While wood may be readily and inexpensively available, it would not provide the most secure of racks. However, wood would be fine if you’re proposing that your rack be used indoors or the wood is only there to hold the bikes up but the locking mechanism is independent of it.

Design does not have to provide all details of how to install the rack, but thought needs to be given to the fact that the rack will be used in many different scenarios. It may end up on a concrete sidewalk, a wooden deck, an asphalt driveway, a dirt alley, a wall or even maybe indoors!

It is preferred that your design includes both floor-mounted and wall-mounted versions but it is not required. However, those designs submitted with both options or an option easily converted may be given special consideration.

Please feel free to use the sheets found here to submit your final design. The pages are intended to standardize the submissions and ensure all needed information about the design is collected. Alternatively, you are allowed to submit your design using other drawing types (like 3D renderings or scale models) but please be sure to submit at least one side and one top view so that we can fairly compare it with the other design entries. Contact Fred Pena with questions.

Submit designs to Fred Pena:

Or mail them to:
Oil and Cotton
837 W. 7th Street
Dallas, Texas 75208

Thank You to Our Sponsors..

Cliff Fest is Sunday

Posted by    |    November 18th, 2012 at 5:10 am

Cliff Fest is Sunday, November 18! Here’s a
little bit about what you’ll find from noon to 6 in the Bishop Arts District.
There’s a great stage line up (see below), Oil & Cotton is doing crafts for kids, there are lots of neat street vendors (see list below) plus our storefront shops, of which we have lots of newcomers!
There’s plenty to eat and drink, from our staples in the District to special guests like Mesa, Spiral Diner, and El Padrino! Word on the street is our neighborhood microbrewery, Four Corners Brewing Company, just “kegged” the Brown we’re serving on Friday! Fairhaven Vineyards out of Tyler, a regular at the Bishop Arts Saturday Market, will be there with their Texas wines, too.

Chili tasting and voting is from 2 – 4. We’ll start selling the spoons for $5 at 1:45. In a new development, we’ll be benefiting BOTH the North Texas Food Bank AND the Rosemont 6th Grade trip to the inauguration in Washington D.C.! So come prepared to eat and to do a bit of good for the neighborhood! The chili will be located in front of Eno’s. It’s not too late to enter! If you think you’ve got game, sign up here.

Getting there: As always, we suggest a bike ride or walk! The pedicabs will also be running from 2 – 6 on W 7th. If that’s not your speed, Bishop Arts has gone upscale and now offers district-wide valet. The valet stand is in the gravel lot next to Calvario Funeral Home and costs $5.
May thanks to the sponsors: Methodist Hospital, Jim Lake Companies, Councilwoman Delia Jasso, Councilman Scott Griggs, Craig Schenkel, Mark Miranda, Hattie’s, Eno’s, and Oddfellows.

Also, many thanks to the ecology club from Bishop Dunn for running our recycling program!
Stage schedule:
12:00 Felix Flores Band
12:45 SOTE
1:00 Bona Fide Blues

2:15 La Rondalla / Yells at Eels
3:45 Bethan
5:00 Fox and the Bird
Vendor list:
Oak Cliff Soup Company
Grand Tete
The Kessler
Mighty Fine Arts
The Canterbury School
Cozy Cottage
Tyler Street Church
Winnetka Heights
Texas Theater
El Padrino
The Vintagemobile
Dowdy Studio
Fairhaven Vineyards
Friends of Oak Cliff Parks
From the Ends of the Earth
Spiral Diner
Anytime Fitness
Designs by Darlean
Fair Earth Paper
Dylan & Company
Zang Triangle
Dash for the Beads
Izzy Loves Embellishments
Eva Azul
Sunset Hill Neighborhood Association
Gypsy Trading Company
Three R Designs
8th Street Designs
Get Gay Stuff
Randy Gonzalez
Kings Highway Conservation District
Espresso Delight
Colcerex Trading Company

Honoring Officer Tippit

Posted by    |    November 11th, 2012 at 5:31 pm

It has been almost 50 years since Officer Tippit lost his life in Oak Cliff that fateful day in 1963 while trying to detain Lee Harvey Oswald.  Oswald’s initial arrest was due to Tippit’s murder, not Kennedy’s. 
On 20 Nov @ 1pm, at 10th & Patton Streets in Oak Cliff, the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, the Dallas Police Department, and the Dallas Independent School District are holding a Dedication Ceremony for the Historic Marker honoring Officer J.D. Tippit.
It was about 2 years ago that Brad Watson did a story on Michael Amonett as President of OOCCL and during the interview asked him why there was no marker for Officer Tippit. Michael said he did not know and neither did he know how to go about getting one. However, he said he would find out.  In the process toward that goal, all these people came out and made it happen.  
The Texas Historical Foundation gave $5,000.  
Farris Rookstool wrote a 109 page narrative for the designation.  
Eric Cowan got DISD to donate the land and allow the marker on their property.  
Michael Amonett filled out the application 
and has served as the project coordinator.  
Michal said “it has turned out as perfect as it ever could culminating with Mrs. Tippit unveiling the marker at the dedication.”

OOCCL Christmas Party 2012

Posted by    |    November 10th, 2012 at 11:56 pm


The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League

invites you to attend this year’s Christmas Party
at the Oak Cliff Country Club, known now as the Golf Club of Dallas.
The Club is located at:
2200 W Red Bird Ln, 
Dallas, TX.  75232
10 Dec 2012  @  7pm
Please join us join us for food, drink, & revelry.
Free to the League’s membership
$20.00 to non-members
More details to follow.

Cliff Fest 2012

Posted by    |    November 6th, 2012 at 5:10 am

The 4th Annual Cliff Fest: More Than Just a Taste is scheduled for Sunday, November 18, from noon to 6 p.m. Cliff Fest is the one festival each year where we focus solely on what makes Oak Cliff so great: the talent within. This year’s will also take place in the Bishop Arts District. Cliff Fest is a day of local food tasting, local shopping, local performances, and meeting your neighbors!


This year’s CliffFest will also feature the 3rd Annual Oak Cliff Chili Cookoff! The cookoff is open to all Oak Cliff residents and businesses, and there’s no cost to enter. Simply fill out the form here and then get cooking on your best chili recipe. Each chili entry needs to bring 2 quarts to provide samples to the public. This is a People’s Choice award, and may the best chili win! The cook-off benefits the North Texas Food Bank, an Oak Cliff-based non-profit that can do amazing work with very little money!

If you are interested in performing, please contact Amy at amy @ cowanroberts (DOT) com.

We are also accepting sponsors! If you are interested in being featured on banners, sponsoring a stage, or just want to give out of the kindness of your heart, contact Amy at amy @ cowanroberts (DOT) com.

Mark your calendars, and see you there!

Tweed Ride Update

Posted by    |    November 3rd, 2012 at 11:07 pm

Many people have been asking about the BFOC Tweed Ride, which is usually held each November.  This ride has always been lead by one of BFOC’s co-founders, Jason Roberts.  As some of you may already know, he has recently been facing some serious health issues.  After discussing this year’s Tweed Ride at a recent meeting, the board of BFOC unanimously decided that we should postpone the ride until Jason will be back in action and ready to lead the ride as usual.  We all feel that it would not be the same without him.  We expect to hold the ride in January or February of 2013.  So you have a few extra months to get your tweed ready!  We can’t wait to get together for some tweedy fun, to celebrate Jason’s return, and to show him how much he is appreciated by all!  Tally-ho!