New Apartment Construction Slated For Bishop Avenue

Posted by    |    October 17th, 2012 at 5:10 am

Go Oak Cliff reported on Facebook yesterday that the road construction project that has dragged on for nearly 18 months is almost complete, and a beautiful bike lane had been painted. Today it looks like the crew has made additional progress and by the time you read this the barricades that have dominated Bishop may have been removed completely. But as the street construction clears, it appears that it is only to make room for the construction of two new apartment buildings on vacant lots at 801 North Bishop and 908 North Bishop Avenue.

The lots are owned by Good Space, a well known real estate company in the neighborhood responsible for some of the more historically sensitive and detail oriented rehabilitation projects in the neighborhood. Owned by long time Oak Cliff resident David Spence, Good Space has been the winner of three Preservation Dallas awards for it’s restoration projects in and around the Bishop Arts District. Good Space is also the landlord to several of Oak Cliff’s finer dining establishments, including Bolsa, Bolsa Mercado, Lucia, Dude Sweet Chocolate and the recently opened Emporium Pies.

Good Space has partnered with Magnolia Property Company on this project, which will bring a total of 39 new apartment units to Bishop on a block that has apartment buildings of similar density. Magnolia Property Company is described as a developer of environmentally sustainable boutique apartments in urban neighborhoods.

Construction is not scheduled to actually begin on the project for several months. In the meantime Good Space and Magnolia are hosting an informational session for neighbors to learn more about the project on Thursday November 1st at 6:30pm at the Kidd Springs Rec Center (711 West Canty, Dallas TX 75208).