2012 Fall Home Tour Preview IV

Posted by    |    October 12th, 2012 at 5:10 am

Stevens Wood Court – West Kessler


Nestled behind the carefully landscaped entrance you will find a 2,400 square-foot, three-level domicile built in 1953. This unique West Kessler home has had all the windows reworked, a few doors and walls removed and replaced, and a stairwell extension added, yet retains its primary structure as well as its original oak wood flooring.

On the ground floor are the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bath. The living room’s original fireplace has been refaced into a lovely tile wall surrounding the main feature. The kitchen has been remodeled with nearly 100% repurposed European materials.

As you descend to the next level, down the original staircase, you’ll find an en suite. The bathroom retains original ‘50s flair while the bedroom has had an additional sliding glass door added to provide access to the patio/jacuzzi spaces that flow into a well-tended backyard.