2012 Fall Home Tour Preview I

Posted by    |    October 6th, 2012 at 5:10 am

S. Clinton – Winnetka Heights

This 1927 Winnetka Heights Arts and Crafts bungalow was once owned by a well-known local opera singer and a door to door salesman who traveled by horse drawn carriage.. In the late 1970′s, the building was updated and much of the home’s original character including doors, windows, casings, cabinets, tile and fixtures were lost. Used mainly for storage for the last ten years, the home had been largely uninhabited and neglected. Roof leaks had badly penetrated some of the rooms, damaging the floors. The structure had sunken severely and the home’s frame had weakened and was tilting slightly southward. A poorly constructed 450 square foot addition was hopeless.

The primary goal with renovation was to restore the Arts and Crafts elements lost in the 1970’s and address the structural issues that threatened the home’s future. The old addition was demolished, foundation repaired and leaning addressed. Next an 1161 square foot addition was added. A true masonry fireplace, using antique brick from another 1920′s home was built in the new family room of this addition.