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Rainy Day Reschedules. Knox Strasse and Style Ride Moved to Sunday!

Posted by    |    September 30th, 2012 at 5:10 am

The weather gods haven’t been kind this weekend, but no fear! Everything is moving to tomorrow (Sunday, Sept. 29) from 10AM to 9PM at Knox Strasse. Plan to head back out for music, food, drinks, and more! Here’s a quick list of activities (more updates coming soon!):

10AM to 3PM
Knox Strasse Urban Market open from
3311 Knox, one block off Katy trail. Also free parking.

11AM to 9PM
3311 Knox, one block off Katy trail. Also free parking.

Group Bike Ride:
Dallas Cycle Style
Leaving from Main Street Garden Park
1900 Main Street

Bike Share:
2PM – 4PM
Provided by Bicycles Plus
Apple Store, 3101 Knox

Coffee from
Waffles from the Belgian waffle Co.
3311 Knox, one block off Katy trail.

Free parking available!

Dallas Cycle Style

Again, the Dallas Cycle Style group ride is moving to 1PM but still meeting at Main Street Garden downtown. Since the temperature is supposed to be in the 70′s, maybe now you can break out the tux! See more details on the facebook invite here.

Switching Gears Cyclery headed up an amazing Critical Mass ride last night that brought out 100 cyclists for the kickoff of Knox Strasse! A great time was had by everyone.

Friday Night at Knox Strasse

Bike Lanes Sprouting Up All Over Dallas

Posted by    |    September 29th, 2012 at 5:10 am

(Bike lane in Dallas installed near Rosemont Elementary school)

In case you missed the latest news, Dallas is beginning to stripe bike lanes which finally moves us off the list of major US cities without on-street bike infrastructure. Bicycling Magazine, who ranked us the worst city for bicycling again this year, even took note in a recent article. BFOC was instrumental in getting this project put together and was supported by school officials at Rosemont Elementary after the extremely successful iBike Rosemont project which saw bicyling increase to record numbers at the school in short order. The next iBike Rosemont event takes place October 8th-12th, so be on the lookout for a bunch of tiny two-wheelers pedaling throughout the neighborhoods. Oh, and the 2012 Dallas bond package includes $20 Million for Complete Streets buildout, so expect even more bike lanes in short order. It’s good to see our city catapulting itself off the “Worst of” list.

Also, if you hadn’t caught wind yet, Knox Street in Dallas has just been outfitted with the first “Cycle Track” in the city! The installation is a temporary demonstration put together by Oak Cliff’s Team Better Block to show how the street can be more bike friendly. A cycle track is a bike lane with a physical buffer separating the infrastructure from auto traffic which has shown to increase the level of bicycling on streets while heightening the safety for all modes of transit (pedestrian, bicycle, and car) by thinning the street, slowing auto speeds, and reducing crossing distances at intersections.

A Dallas Cycle Style group ride will be leaving from Main Street Garden tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 29th) at 4PM so be sure to wear your nicest attire. Also, a beer garden is being installed on site at Knox to help celebrate the revised street. Check out the poster below for a full list of activities:

West Kessler uses grant for Directory

Posted by    |    September 29th, 2012 at 1:11 am



West Kessler Neighborhood Association, recipient of a Supplemental Neighborhood Grant awarded by the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League this year has already put the funds to great use in their printing of their yearly West Kessler Neighborhood Directory.

Lynn LaCaze, President of West Kessler, said “it is such a valuable and useful tool in keeping our neighbors in contact with one another.” 

Cyclesomatic 2012: Bike Rack Competition Kick Off, October 13th

Posted by    |    September 28th, 2012 at 5:10 am

Bicycle parking is coming to Oak Cliff!  While there are several local businesses and places to park your bicycle, it’s all too common to have to use a light pole or stop sign in order to park your bicycle.  Simply, we need more!  Our members deserve better, so we are formerly announcing plans for a bicycle rack design and build competition at the Cargo Bike Build Workshop presented by BFOC and Oil and Cotton.  We plan on picking an eventual winner, and putting it into production right here in Oak Cliff.

Here are the details:

Date:  October 13th

Time:  11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Location: Adamson High School auto shop; 201 East 9th Street  Dallas, TX 75203

Description:  A full announcement with details of the competition will take place during our Cargo Bike Build Workshop .  To attend that workshop, please pre-register here.  Tickets will be sold at the door.  Space is limited.

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Cyclesomatic 2012: Cargo Bike Build Workshop, October 13th – 14th

Posted by    |    September 27th, 2012 at 5:10 am

Click to view slideshow.

Tom LaBonty, from Portland, Oregon, is not your typical bicycle manufacturer.  He’s not a trained mechanic, but he is truly skilled at his craft.  He builds Dutch style cargo bikes for people around the country interested in using them for fun, like his beer bike, or for replacing their car or truck to use for errands around town.  We reached out to him after seeing this documentary (trailer) at a Dinner and Bikes event in Ft. Worth a few months back.  Seems he had been thinking about doing a workshop already, yet he had no idea his first wouldn’t be in one of the most bike friendly cities in the U.S, but right here in Dallas or more specifically in Oak Cliff!  We sincerely hope you take the time to attend this event.  There’s a very small fee to attend of $16 dollars, but that get’s you food and beverages for both days.  Check out the video mentioned above and his website.  He’s got some great pics and stories of his finished products!

Here are the details:

Date:  October 13th – 14th

Time13th:  11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 14th:  12:00 – 3:00 PM

Location:   Adamson High School auto shop; 201 East 9th Street  Dallas, TX 75203

Pre-registrationRegister Here; $16 registration includes food and beverage during the class

Description: A unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity for builders and bystanders to watch and learn how to make a Dutch style cargo bike.  Tom Labonty with Tom’s Cargo Bikes from Portland, Oregon will conduct a 2 day workshop on how to build one of his cargo bikes using found and used parts.  To see him in action, check out this trailer of One Less Truck.  During the workshop, you’ll learn how to construct a Dutch style cargo bike using found or used parts.  Lunch and beverages included.

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Cyclesomatic 2012: Ride the Oak Cliff Home Tour, October 13th – 14th

Posted by    |    September 26th, 2012 at 5:10 am

The best home tour in Dallas is almost here, and what better way to see it and avoid driving than to pick up a discounted ticket for riding your bicycle during the tour!

Here are the details:

Date:  October 13th – 14th

Time:  Ticket Sales open at 11:30 AM, 12:00 – 6:00 PM

Location:   Tickets are on sale in front of Hunky’s at Bishop Ave and 8th St. in the Bishop Arts District

Description:  Ride the OOCCL Home Tour and get a discount on your tickets!  What better way to see Oak Cliff’s 2012 tour homes than slowly and on a bicycle?  Avoid the hassle of moving your car and finding a parking space.  See the full list of homes on the tour.  Ride your bicycle to the ticket booth in the Bishop Arts District in front of Hunky’s to purchase your discounted tickets.  Ticket sales open at 11:30 am.

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Cyclesomatic 2012: iBike Rosemont, October 8th – 12th

Posted by    |    September 25th, 2012 at 5:10 am

Not many of our events inspire more than this one.  None of our events we do mean more.  And , none of them have made more of a difference in a child’s life than iBike Rosemont.  This event has led to the actual first and completed buffered bike lane in the city of Dallas to date.  Want to start an iBike program at your local elementary school?  Reply to this post with your name and email address.

Here are the details:

Date:  October 8th – 12th

Time:  7:00 AM – 8:00 AM, Mon – Friday, 3:00pm Friday

Location Rosemont Primary School, 1919 Stevens Forest Drive, Dallas, TX 75208

Description: iBike Rosemont is a combined effort between Rosemont Elementary, parents, students and neighbors. The week consists of morning bike rides to school by parents and students. The riders get a card that is punched each day they ride their bike to school. At the end of the week on Friday, the kids, their parents, volunteers and teachers participate in a group bike ride to Eno’s in the Bishop Arts District, where the kids turn their punch cards in for a free root beer float.

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Oak Park Estate puts grant to use

Posted by    |    September 22nd, 2012 at 9:53 pm



Oak Park Estates received grant this year
from the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League
for solar powered lighting to deter illegal

and for signage to announce Neighborhood

Photo depicts their new signage 
as part of the League’s grant.

Cyclesomatic 2012: PhotoVelo Scavenger Hunt, October 7th

Posted by    |    September 19th, 2012 at 5:10 am

You won’t get this event anywhere else in North Texas!  One of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff’s more popular and well received Cyclesomatic events will be one of the most fun times you’ve ever had on a bicycle, guaranteed.

Here are the details:

Date:  Sunday, October 7th

Meet Up Time:  11:30 AM

Race Start Time:  12:30 PM  Race End Time:  4:00 PM

Meet Up LocationTen Bells Tavern, 232 West 7th Street  Dallas, TX 75208

Event Registration:  Join the FB event here, and email to pre-register your team or show up by 12:00 PM day of with your complete team

Description:  Bikes. Cameras. Action. It’s our FREE 4th annual bicycle photo scavenger hunt. How’s it work? Register your team of two to four cyclists at noon. At 12:30, teams will be given a list of items to photograph around Oak Cliff. Bring your bike, map/smartphone, a Sharpie, camera, a sense of humor, and have a place/way to print your pics. Race ends at 4; disqualification awaits those who run tardy. Prizes awarded to the top team and individuals.

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Cyclesomatic 2012: Fall Into Fitness Family Bike Ride, October 6th

Posted by    |    September 18th, 2012 at 5:10 am

This event is a new one for Cyclesomatic and we think it’s worth getting the kids out and participating.  Family fitness is an important issue, and what better way to get fit than on your bicycle!  Project Still I Rise, Empowered Pedals, and the Bath House Cultural Center are happy to host the Empowered Pedals Fall Into Fitness Family Bike Ride!

Here are the details:

Date:  Saturday, October 6th

Times:  8:30 AM to 2:00 PM

LocationBath House Cultural Center, 521 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, TX 75218

Event Registration:

Description:  The ride will be a 1/4 – 5 mile fun ride for all ages.  Free helmets will be provided to the first 100 participants, compliments of the Texas Medical Association’s Hard Hats for Little Heads Program.  There will also be a helmet safety class provided by UT Southwestern Medical Center, and free tune-ups and light repair provided by Richardson Bike Mart.

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