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Oak Cliff Initiatives Leading to Business Incubation at Dallas City Hall Plaza

Posted by    |    June 12th, 2011 at 5:10 am

bcWorkshop’s mobile commissary at Dallas City Hall Plaza. A business incubator for small entrepreneurs.

The Living Plaza project is now becoming a regularly held event at Dallas City Hall, with the city’s economic development group leading the initiative to continue the momentum from the successful project. Beyond that, something inspiring and groundbreaking is occurring within the project…small entrepreneurs are getting a chance to test out their business ideas at each event. The bcWorkshop’s portable kitchen is being brought on site for each event, and Amanda Popken, an analyst for small business development at City Hall, is getting a chance to let first time restaurant hopefuls take a shot at their dream in front of a receptive audience. (more…)

Include the Dallas Zoo on Your Summer To-Do List

Posted by    |    June 10th, 2011 at 10:52 am

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The Dallas Zoo is a must see and do in Dallas, Texas. The 106-acre park opened over a century ago and has grown to be one of the best zoos in the nation. The zoo recently added the Giants of the Savanna exhibit where a multitude of species are able to roam the land freely, giving guests a unique experience. A menagerie of elephants to ostriches covers this land and shares the habitat; a new feature, since the zoo kept many species separated in the past. The Dallas Zoo is also home to the Wilds of Africa where you are able to go on a unique safari ride, gliding through the air and looking down on the animals from inside a monorail. The Dallas Zoo even has its own Gorilla Conservation Research Center. (more…)

Free Dallas Symphony Outdoor Concert!

Posted by    |    June 2nd, 2011 at 5:10 am

The Dallas Symphony will again bring their amazing outdoor performance to Oak Cliff this Wednesday, June 1 at Kidd Springs Park. The Symphony will take perform in the field near the intersection of Canty and Tyler Streets, with the free concert starting at 8pm.

This free event has grown more popular over the past several years, and so we would recommend you arrive at least by 7:30pm to stake your claim on the lawn. Lots of folks bring blankets and you’ll see plenty of folding lawn chairs as well. We also recommend that you bring a picnic, or you can feel free to purchase food from some food vendors that the Kidd Springs Central neighborhood association have organized.

Our final note about this event – the city law states that open containers of alcohol are not permitted in city parks, and I wrote about my experience with this at last year’s event. My personal recommendation to you is that if you decide to stay hydrated at this event then I would bring a nice plastic cup and be somewhat discreet in your pouring.

Otherwise, this is truly one of the most magical nights in Oak Cliff. Come join your neighbors, bring your kids, make some new friends, and enjoy the wonderful music of the Dallas Symphony.