Sweet Music in the Summer Air

Posted by    |    August 16th, 2010 at 2:13 pm

Poster for the Kidd Springs Park Concert provided by Tino Jalomo.

Music lovers in Oak Cliff came together to experience an evening of symphonic bliss at Kidd Springs Park. Tino Jalomo, Kidd Springs Central President, hosted the free concert. Delicious local foods, kid-friendly festivities and a world-class orchestra were featured in perfect harmony. The carefree crowd savored the tastes and sounds of a magical and music-filled celebration.
Children relished in the scene as well, enjoying activities such as a Ladybug Sprinkler in the Butterfly Garden, the always-exciting bounce house, and a face painting station. Playing before the show helped them chill out as the DSO hit the stage.
When the sun went down, kids, parents, and puppies alike were all ears. Everyone relaxed together in the welcoming environment. Audience members lounged in chairs, rolled out comfy blankets and danced to the music. Happy dog owners toted their little friends along for an evening of socializing and snuggling. The outdoor setting dissolved any barriers that a formal setting’s curtain could have created.
The concert provided a creative and positive way to increase involvement and support for the DSO among all age groups. The increased attendance (an amazing 300%!) inspires hope that Kidd Springs Central will host another Community Concert Series in 2011.

Jennifer Pyron, a proud member of the Dallas Symphony Chorus, recognizes the Dallas Arts District as a vital part in the positive influence and success to surrounding areas. A classical music performer for the Dallas area, Jennifer is in-the-know of current exciting projects and upcoming events to be featured at these world renowned facilities.

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