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2013  Laphroaig Cairdeas: Port Wood Edition Reviewed by Enrico…

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2013  Laphroaig Cairdeas: Port Wood Edition 
Reviewed by Enrico DeLeon III (of Brunch Bros fame)

Scents: Smoke, Rhubarb, Pepper, Citrus, Berries, Flowers/Potpourri, Peanuts, Chocolate & Cream 

Flavors: Smoked Wood, Charcoal, Pepper, Flowers, Cream, Berries, Citrus 

Thoughts:  Before I get too deep into this “review”, I must be honest… I am much more versed in the whiskey/bourbon area than scotch. Being that I am a novice in the subject of scotch, my thoughts may seem a bit uneducated to all you scotch connoisseurs out there, but I hope you find this review somewhat useful. 

My first thought at the crack of the bottle was how intense the aroma of the scotch was. I could almost immediately recognize several of the distinct flavors from the scent like smoked woods, charcoal, fruits, flowers and more. The color the scotch is similar to numerous whiskey and bourbons I am used to with a slight pink hue to it. After my analysis of the sights and smells, I was ready to have my first sip! 

Along with several coworkers, I, generously, poured the scotch over some ice. The scent seemed to open up quite nicely at this point. Once it touched my lips, I immediate felt the power of this scotch! The peat “explosion” was very intense and hit very fast. This took me by surprise, so I had to have another sip just to truly analyze how it is tastes. Intense smokey peat was the first flavor to hit, then the peppery, fruity yet floral-esque cream flavors piggy-backed the end of the peat explosion. That may seem weird to list all those things, but they all truly fight for your attention (even though the peat wins every time in my book). 

This seems like a scotch I would enjoy after eating a hardy steak, BBQ or any smoked meal. I can imagine sitting around a campfire with some bros and drinking this with a cigar in hand after eating some BBQ. Check it out and judge for yourself. Needless to say … this’ll get ya drunk.


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Don’t you hate it when you’re drinking a Moscow Mule and think, “Oh, gee, this is delicious, but I wish this was a bit stronger.”  (Yeah, me, too.)  Here to answer the call: Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer, the UK’s best-selling ginger beer … that just happens to be alcoholic.

Good enough to drink by itself over ice, Crabbie’s is made with four secret fruits and spices, combined with ginger and then steeped for eight weeks. At 4.8% ABV, it’s in the same ABV bracket as the Buds and Millers.  It is fermented, which really comes through in the taste, which (thank God) isn’t too spicy.


Check out some of the drink options to use with Crabbie’s below (other than Moscow Mules … if you must, you must).

– 1oz gin
– two small slices of lime
– 4 small sprigs of cilantro
– crushed ice
– Crabbie’s

Muddle three sprigs of cilantro and one slice of lime in a shaker.  Add gin and ice and shake.  Strain into a martini glass and top with Crabbie’s.  Garnish with cilantro sprig and slice of lime.


– 2 slices of cucumber
– berries
– 1/2oz sweet vermouth
– 1/2oz triple sec
– 1oz gin or vodka (drinker’s preference)
– Crabbie’s

Muddle cucumber and berries in pint glass.  Add ice and other ingredients and top with Crabbie’s.  Garnish with mint.


– 1.5oz brandy
– 5oz Crabbie’s
– thin twist of lemon peel

Mix all ingredients together in tumblr glass over ice.  Stir.

Crabbie’s is now also available in strawberry, orange, and diet.  (I didn’t try those … but they sound good!)

***Please note, Crabbie’s sent me a bottle to try, but I’d already ordered one of my own at Trinity Hall … and loved it both times!***

Fall Drink Roundup

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… and as always, you can refer to last year’s Fall Drink Features or even my TV spot from two years ago!  A good drink recipe never goes out of style!

Cruzan® Fig Pie

2 parts Cruzan® Estate Diamond® Dark Rum
¾ parts Orange Juice
¼ parts 1:1 Brown Sugar Syrup (1 part brown sugar, 1 part water)
1 tablespoon Fig Chutney

Combine all ingredients over ice in a shaker. 
Shake hard for 15 seconds, double strain into a chilled coupe glass. 
Garnish with grated nutmeg & skewered fig.

Cruzan® Winter Break

2 parts Cruzan® Estate Diamond® Light Rum
1 parts Pineapple Juice
¼ parts 2:1 Muscovado Syrup (combine 2 parts Muscovado sugar, 1 part water)
5 parts Hot Peppermint Tea

Combine rum, pineapple juice and Muscovado syrup in a toddy glass and stir. Slowly add tea to the glass and garnish with fresh grated cinnamon and stick.

Basil Hayden’s® Spiced Pumpkin Sour

Created by Created by Joaquín Simó, New York City
2 parts Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon
1/2 part Fresh Orange Juice
1/2 part Lemon Juice
1/2 part Maple Syrup
1 heaping bar spoon Canned Pumpkin Puree
3 dashes Angostura® Bitters
1 part Allspice Dram
3-4 pieces Candy Corn

Combine all ingredients into a mixing tin, add ice & shake vigorously.
Strain into rocks glass over ice.  Garnish with skewered candy corn.

Cruzan Haunted Cinn

1 ½ parts Cruzan Velvet Cinn 
1 parts Cruzan Aged Dark Rum
½ parts DeKuyper® Blood Orange Liqueur
Float DeKuyper® Hot Damn!® Liqueur
Flamed Orange zest

Combine Cruzan Velvet Cinn, Cruzan Aged Dark Rum & Blood Orange Liqueur in a tumbler over ice & stir for 15 seconds.  Strain into a chilled martini glass.  Float a small amount of DeKuyper® Hot Damn!® Liqueur on top & finish with a flamed orange zest.

Hornitos® Time Changer 

1 part Hornitos® Plata Tequila
1 part Concord Grape juice
1 part Lemon Juice

Add ingredients to glass over ice and stir

Hornitos® Not Just Any Potion

1.5 parts Hornitos® Plata Tequila
2 parts Lime Juice
1 part Simple Syrup
1/2 part Raspberry Puree
1 part Vanilla Liqueur 

Shake and pour ingredients into a cocktail glass half rimmed with a thick layer of black lava salt. 

Garnish with 2-3 chocolate/salt covered raspberries.

Tuaca Hot Apple Pie

1 1/2 oz Tuaca
5-6 oz warm apple cider
whipped cream
cinnamon stick

Pour ingredients into a mug.  Garnish with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick.

Vampire Kiss Martini 
1 1/2 oz Vodka 
1 1/2 oz Champagne 
3/4 oz Rasberry liquer 

Blood Orange Spritzer 

3/4 oz Orange Juice 
2 oz. Vodka 
Splash of Grenadine  
Splash of Tonic 
Witches Brew 
3/4 oz Midori 
2 oz. Citrus Vodka
Splash of tonic 

Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant that was in the…

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Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant that was in the current Malai Kitchen space?  Honestly, I don’t really care because I wouldn’t give Malai up for all the bubble tea in Thailand.

I was so pleased to join Braden and Yasmin, the adorable husband/wife team behind Malai Kitchen, for a few sips of wine and a couple cocktails.  Not only are they delightful people, but they know their stuff.  Case in point: their wine list.  If you haven’t checked out Malai’s revamped wine list, it’s worth checking out.  The wine menu offers a unique variety of wines starting at $7 a glass from across the globe, some of which are priced quite close to retail (tres unique for a restaurant).  Even better? It’s wine-idiot-friendly as it’s organized by intensity.  

We enjoyed tastes of:

  • Livon 2011 (Friulano) – a unique flavor
  • Markus Molitor “Bernkasteler Badstube” 2011 (Riesling Kabinett)
  • Joseph Kent “Vieux Carre” 2010 (White blend)
  • Guillon “Gevery Chambertin” 2007 (Pinot Noir)
  • Longoria “Alisos Vineyard” 2005 (Syrah)
  • Brazin “Old Vine” 2010 (Zinfandel)

I died for the Guillon Pinot and would definitely recommend a glass or three of it.  The Markis Molitor is light and has just the right amount of sweetness to be the perfect pairing for a spicy curry dish.  Ask the bartender (or ask for Braden or Yasmin if they’re in) for a recommendation if you’re lost.

As for cocktails, they have a short list of really stellar options, many of which were developed by Jason Kosmas, the king of cocktail.  My dude, Rico*, and I tried a good mix of their offerings and were really wowed by some of the amazing mixology behind the Malai bar.  

The Singapore Sling got an audible “oh my god” from me and I’ll be returning for that one.  They recommend it for two (as it’s a pitcher) … but I think one person with a high tolerance and the Uber app could handle it.  Something everyone in Dallas must try is the Kaffir Collins (top left in the picture).  Since it’s made with a fruit used in Thai curries, kaffir lime, you can LITERALLY** not find this anywhere else in Dallas.  The taste is so incredibly rich and light and intriguing at the same time that  Rico and I actually squabbled over who got to finish this drink.  (I won.)  Other winners are the Cambodian Daiquiri and Bourbon Smash.

Malai Kitchen is convenient to grab before a movie or for happy hour, so stop in soon and order a Kaffir Collins in my honor.  

MALAI KITCHEN | @malaikitchen

3699 McKinney Ave #319 (West Village)

(972) 591-3387

*Both a freaking talented coworker and leader of the Brunch Bros gang.  Check them out if you aren’t already a huge fan.
**According to them.  Believe me … I tried bribing them to tell me where to get the Kaffir leaves.

"The Greg and Greg Show": When Twinkies Attack

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“The Greg and Greg Show”: When Twinkies Attack:

Thanks for the cameo today, dudes!