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ESPN The Magazine’s NEXT Party

Posted by    |    February 8th, 2011 at 8:44 pm

There is an email in my inbox, subject: ESPN Model.

My eyes met the word “model” and my 5’4” frame fell to the ground laughing. If you were to put me next to Gisele on a runway, I would need a stepladder to meet her at eye level. Who in their correct mindset would hire me as a model? Somewhere, Kim Dawson rolls her eyes.

Regardless, this still sounds cool.

The invite continues, “You MUST dress up for the event.” Read: Make-up. Dresses. High heels. It is twenty-three degrees outside, and the ground is icy enough to see my reflection. This is an equation for an impending feet-flying-out-from-under-you, butt-hitting-the-frigid-ground scenario.

But, Kid Rock and two unannounced others are set to perform along with Run DMC’s DJ Rev Run. So, sounds worth it. My friends and I, all varying between the non-model-y heights of 5’4” and 5’8”, venture out into the Wild West of Fort Worth, ready to assume a role synonymous with grapefruit diets and 22-inch waists. Our dinner; however, consisted of Sonic burgers and fries. And we ate it. All of it. (more…)