Praise for Four Lounge, or why you should probably go treat yourself to a martini ASAP

Posted by    |    January 19th, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Like, tonight. Keith Thomas LaBonte’s Four Lounge opens at 8pm, and there is an empty seat at his bar of delicious creativity. Provided that you can get there fast enough.

When one enters a bar with a Flip camera and starts chatting up the owner, most people will come up to said person and talk to them out of curiosity. Especially if said owner is making all of his coolest creations. Even more especially if said creations involve popcorn, whoopee pie, or bell pepper. But not together. Of the uniquely gregarious, and mostly curious dudes who chatted me up, recording device in hand, here is what they had to say about Four Lounge.

“You know how you can go to a bar and the bartender just doesn’t care about what you say or what you order, they’ll just give you a drink, they won’t recommend anything? [Keith is] 110% dedicated to making sure that every person is completely satisfied with everything they get.” – Cade

“Four Lounge is probably the most unique bar in Dallas. There’s no other place like this in Texas. Keith makes the most unique drinks you’ll ever taste. The Captain Crunch Martini – The Popcorn Martini – everything is off the chain. I don’t know how to explain it. This guy messes with flavors like artists mess with color.” – Richie

“There are a lot of places that lack [art]. They just pour this and they pour that and they take your money, but Keith puts care and he puts passion into what he serves you.” – Ryan

That’s more proof that the alcohol content of the most potent vodka. You may never be satisfied by a regular martini again.

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