Rebecca channels spirits and fashions a mean tequila shot

Posted by    |    December 9th, 2010 at 7:22 pm

“Who are you looking for?” A man with a tequila-inspired grin asks. I tell him that I’m looking for my really cute friend Rebecca, and he cuts me off with a “Sweetie, they’re all cute.” He’s right. All of the girls serving shots of anejo, reposado and blanco perfectly fit this description. I browse the Tequila Tasting & Festival at Sigel’s until a girl in a black dress with a beautiful smile beckons me over to the Espolon table. Rebecca is serving shots of tequila straight (for those who’ve had a long day at work) or with a splash of marg mix (for those like me who lack the peer pressure to throw it back). I will take mine with ice, thank you. Seeing as how my knowledge of tequila is as extensive as a child’s vocabulary, Rebecca taught me a little bit about the reposado aging process (it naps in wood barrels for 2-11 months). With her bubbly personality and plethora of alcohol knowledge, our new show Mixology 101 is sure to get you in the kitchen mixing up classy cocktails.

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