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Step away from the drink and into Mixology 101

Posted by    |    December 9th, 2010 at 7:45 pm

You are guilty of concocting lame cocktails. We’ve all done it. We’ve purchased cheap vodka when we’re in a hurry, tried to spare a dollar or two by ordering the house tequila, and used flat Sprite as a mixer in our signature pomegranate martini (gross). You’re so guilty that your friends have suggested wine nights instead of coming to your place for poorly executed wells. We will pardon you if you adhere to the following:

a) Surrender everything you think you know about the art of booze and

b) Watch the first episode of Mixology 101

Dallas is a social city, and entertaining friends is a popular past time. But without an expensive bartender license, how do we know what we’re putting in our drinks? Do we have the correct ratio of mixer to liquor? Ice? Zest? Creative and catchy name? And honestly, who can make the orange peel twist into a perfect squiggle? Not me. Not yet, anyway… (more…)

Meet Rebecca

Posted by    |    December 9th, 2010 at 7:40 pm

You+Dallas is all a-twitter this week with the excitement of filming our newest show, Mixology 101. Meet our lovely host, Rebecca Reichman, who is hired by bars and restaurants to promote a variety of liquors. If you’ve ever been out on the weekends and seen gorgeous girls dressed up representing a liquor company; that’s her. She spends her nights doling out shots and educating bar-goers about what they’re drinking. Who better to host our Mixology 101 pilot than someone constantly surrounded by the best liquor around? Exactly.

Our beautiful host is also a mom of three darling kids, (we didn’t believe it either!) and she loves her job because it allows her plenty of time to see them. She starts work just after her kids go to sleep so she can put them to bed and then have the night for herself. “It’s an easy work-life balance,” she says.

She works at locations such as: Cool River, Wish, Patio Grill, Hacienda, The Londoner, and The MAT; the list is as long as the Ginger Man’s draught selection. One of the most fun parts of the job? The costumes! Whether she’s wearing an auburn wig at the Londoner, or argyle tights for Hendrick’s gin, the costumes keep the job interesting. So where does a liquor savvy chick enjoy going out on her own time? “I love Uptown,” Rebecca says, without hesitation. (more…)

Mixology 101 Wardrobe Consultation

Posted by    |    December 9th, 2010 at 7:36 pm

You+Dallas’s Mixology 101 video debuts today, and if you’re curious about our host Rebecca Reichman’s sweet wardrobe, here’s the scoop on where we styled our spirit industry host.

After 3 kids, Rebecca’s 5’8” frame can still rock anything. I’m quite jealous. I have to try on at least 3 pairs of any clothing item before I find one that fits. Rebecca is in the dressing room at Elements and Molly Nolan, acting as our fashion coordinator, and I are searching through racks of gorgeous clothing when I hear LMFAO’s “Shots” erupt from the corner of the boutique. It’s Rebecca’s ringtone; very appropriate for our Mixology 101 host. This is why we hired her. Molly hand-picked additional pieces from POME and Stanley Korshak that I would never think to grab, but they fit Rebecca in the right places, and look camera ready. To see our beautiful host in action wearing Dallas’s best, make sure to check out our first episode of Mixology 101.

Rebecca channels spirits and fashions a mean tequila shot

Posted by    |    December 9th, 2010 at 7:22 pm

“Who are you looking for?” A man with a tequila-inspired grin asks. I tell him that I’m looking for my really cute friend Rebecca, and he cuts me off with a “Sweetie, they’re all cute.” He’s right. All of the girls serving shots of anejo, reposado and blanco perfectly fit this description. I browse the Tequila Tasting & Festival at Sigel’s until a girl in a black dress with a beautiful smile beckons me over to the Espolon table. Rebecca is serving shots of tequila straight (for those who’ve had a long day at work) or with a splash of marg mix (for those like me who lack the peer pressure to throw it back). I will take mine with ice, thank you. Seeing as how my knowledge of tequila is as extensive as a child’s vocabulary, Rebecca taught me a little bit about the reposado aging process (it naps in wood barrels for 2-11 months). With her bubbly personality and plethora of alcohol knowledge, our new show Mixology 101 is sure to get you in the kitchen mixing up classy cocktails.