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Hiding Away in the Bleu Artichoke Café

Posted by    |    July 28th, 2010 at 4:41 pm

When Billy Joel recorded Uptown Girl, he was singing about me. I love my Uptown bubble, but sometimes I get a little restless (a girl can only frequent Primos so many times before my melt-down arrives before the chips do). A self-professed Lower Oak Lawn virgin, I turned to blogger extraordinaire Kendall Shiffler to find out where I should start.

Keep your eyes open for the Bleu Artichoke Café inside of FOUND …antiques. This lunch stop is so discrete they don’t even have a permanent sign out front. Don’t be confused when you approach the door: the same door leads to the antique store as well as the café. Left:  Grandma Ruth’s treasured antique necklaces; right: Please Wait to be Seated sign. Trust me, you’re in the right place.