Trinity River Project Takes A Step Forward

Posted by    |    August 15th, 2012 at 11:10 am

In this morning’s press conference at City Hall, Angela Hunt, Scott Griggs and Mayor Mike Rawlings announced their plans to move forward on the construction of new hike and bike trail along the Trinity River.

After the U.S. Corps of Engineers stepped aside on the levees, and when the City announced there was an additional $42m available in the upcoming 2012 bond program to be divided among each council district, Hunt, Griggs and Rawlings decided to combine their portions to get started on the Trinity Parks. Their $5.6 million will be used to construct a 4.5-mile, 16-foot wide concrete path to be used mostly for hikers and bikers, though occasionally maintenance vehicles will utilize the trail for specific projects.

The trail will stretch inside the floodway from Sylvan Bridge to the Santa Fe Trestle in Moore Park. Once all trails are completed, this trail will be a helpful link between North and South Dallas, connecting to the Trinity Strand Trail, the Katy Trail, the Continental pedestrian bridge, Coombs Creek Trail, Eloise Lundy Park and the Santa Fe Trail.

The next steps are for voters to approve the 2012 Bond Program in November, and for the Corps of Engineers to give the project their blessing. If all goes well, the trail could be completed by mid-2014.