The Sylvan Ave. bridge is getting a makeover

Posted by    |    April 23rd, 2012 at 10:49 am

Added to the list of fancy new bridges over the Trinity River is the Sylvan Ave. bridge, long known for its frequent flooding and, consequently, its frequent closings.

The plan for the bridge, which spans from Irving Blvd. to Morris St.,  is to raise it above ground level, expand it into six lanes, and add bicycle lanes, six-foot sidewalks in both directions, access ramps to Trammel Crow Park and continuous street lighting.

The $57 million budgeted for the renovations will mostly be covered by Federal/TxDOT funds, while approximately $14 million will be covered by the City. The bridge will close for 15 months beginning Sept. 1, 2012, with an anticipated reopening in Dec. 2013. All construction should be complete by mid 2014.

Photo rendering from the Dallas City Hall briefing — available here.