Love in LOL: Erykah and Jordan

Posted by    |    April 21st, 2012 at 5:50 am

Jordan & Erikah Engagement Photo in the Dallas Design District - Photo by: Derrick Tribbey

Derrick Tribbey is a professional photographer and Dallas Design District resident. When I got an email showing off his latest engagement shoot, I just knew I had to spotlight it on the blog! Not only are his photos gorgeous, but they capture a really unique side of the Design District that was too neat to not show off.

The Design District has long been a favorite locale for engagement photo shoots, but it particularly fits Derrick’s personal shooting style. ”The Design District is one of my favorites places to shoot in Dallas. The brightly colored walls and large amounts of light that reflect from the walls and buildings allow me to capture exactly my style of photography,” says Derrick.

Choosing to shoot this particular couple here was an easy decision. “Erikah told me what she and Jordan envisioned for their photos, and I knew the Design District would be the perfect place.”

As with all engagement shoots that come across my desk, my nosy side came out, and I just knew I had to talk to the lovely couple. Erykah, the bride to be, was kind enough to sit down and chat with me about her and Jordan’s romantic engagement story, shooting in the Design District, working with Derrick and much more…

Kendall: First of all, congratulations on your engagement! I must know, how did y’all meet?

Erykah: We met when we were working together at a bar while in college. We worked together every Monday and Wednesday together for two years and developed an amazing friendship that turned into a beautiful relationship. We’ve been head over heels for each other ever since.

Kendall: And how did he propose?

Erykah: We had moved to Orlando, Florida about 8 months after we started dating for Jordan to finish school. We lived close to Disney World and Universal, so we went all the time. We decided to go to Universal one day and ride roller coasters until the park closed.

Halfway through the day, he asked me if I wanted to get a caricature done. At first, I said no and that it was cheesy and over priced so we went about our day. Jordan kept pushing to get this caricature done, so finally I agreed. We sat down and the guy started sketching away, and I noticed that we had gotten a pretty good crowd around us watching. I figured he just made us look really funny and didn’t think anything of it.

When he finished drawing, he handed the picture to me and I looked at it and noticed the picture had been drawn with Jordan down on his knee holding a box with a ring in it. I turned around to show Jordan and he was down on his knee, holding a box with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in it. I started shaking an crying and saying yes, yes, yes, and the crowd that had gathered started clapping and cheering. It was amazing!

Kendall: Why did you choose the Design District to take your engagement photos?

Erykah: We love being outside, so we knew we wanted our pictures to be taken outdoors and I had told our photographer, Derrick Tribbey, that we wanted to do so. We met up with him and he took us down to the Design District and captured exactly what we envisioned. We knew we wanted bright colors and lots of sunshine and as soon as I told him that he knew right where to take us.

Kendall: How did you like shooting in the Design District? With Derrick?

Erykah: We loved shooting in the Design District!!! We picked a Sunday because we knew it wouldn’t be as crowded. There is so much beautiful architecture and so many bold colored walls along the street that is gaves us a ton of options.

Derrick was a wonderful photographer. We really enjoyed working with him. He was very professional and really listened to what we wanted. The pictures came out perfect! We have recommended him to many of our friends and I know that a few have already used him and were equally as pleased!

Kendall: What is your favorite photo? 

Erykah: I really love the one of us sitting down on the curb and we are looking at each other and smiling. I can tell by looking that is one of the unposed ones. I also like the one where we are sitting down and my head is on Jordan’s shoulder and he’s looking down at my ring.

Kendall: How do your photos reflect your relationship and personality as a couple?

Erykah: I think our photos reflect our relationship perfectly. We love to be outside and we loved all the shots Derrick got of us when we weren’t posing and didn’t know he was taking a picture. When I look back through them, I see a lot of those unposed pictures and they ended up being some of my favorites because it’s just us being us.

You can see more photos from Erykah and Jordan’s engagement shoot in our Love in LOL photo gallery. Congratulations to this gorgeous couple on their engagement and here’s wishing them a long, happy and healthy marriage!

All photos by Derrick Tribbey,