McGreal Opens “Art ‘n Bloom”

Posted by    |    June 23rd, 2010 at 11:18 pm

Over on, social media scribe Kendall Shiffler has penned a great piece on artist Janet McGreal whose collective series “Art ‘n Bloom” is featured in a temporary gallery at the Dallas Design District.

“The challenge of cancer often inspires survivors to expand their horizons. With Lance Armstrong it was the Tour de France. In the case of Janet McGreal, it was art. While battling thyroid cancer, San Francisco-based artist Janet McGreal re-focused her life, leaving corporate America and dedicating her time to a new-found passion: painting.

And what a blessing that she did! Janet’s art is unique and her spirit and talent are truly reflected in each of her completed pieces.

Janet is best known for her “squigglies” paintings, which use squigglies to create silhouettes that represent all the people who make up Janet’s life. “I cut into the canvas and I do that for a reason. I want this to be as deeply ingrained as possible. I believe that is what gets you through every day,” she said. Her newer collection of work, called “Boarding Passes” is my personal favorite. Inspired by her travels, Janet enlarges actual boarding passes to create various looks, from abstract to floral. My love of color drew me to the “N’ Bloom” collection. These pieces truly pop off the wall!”

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