Lakewood area happenings 7/25 – 7/30

Posted by    |    July 24th, 2011 at 9:25 pm

The Balcony Club

If you’re in the mood for fun…look no further, Lakewood. Whether you embrace the steamy temps and want to play outdoors or you make it a habit to avoid heat strokes, we’ve got you both covered.

Singles night: Metro Tennis for Singles  |  Mondays at 7:00 PM  |  Samuel Grand Tennis Center

LOL: Section 8 Comedy |  Tuesdays at 9:00 PM  |  Ozona’s Grill and Bar |  4615 Greenville Ave.; Dallas TX

Let’s Get Physical: Creative Fitness and Dance  |  Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:30 PM  |  Exall Recreation Center |  1355 Adair St. Dallas, TX 75204

A Taste of Culture: Chinese Favorites  |  Wednesday, July 27 at 6:30  |  Central Market Cooking School |  5750 E. Lovers Lane; Dallas TX

What did you call me?: Cheap, Fast and Easy, Blue in Jazz  |  Fridays at 7:00 PM  |  The Balcony Club  |  1825 Abrams Pkwy.; Dallas TX



It was the best of times…

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Ridgewood Belcher Park and Rec

and unfortunately for Dallas residents reveling in all our post-title-win glory, it is also the worst of times.  The Lakewood Advocate shines a less than celebratory light on our city’s budget deficit.  You may not like what city manager, Mary Suhm describes as their solution to the problem. Could we be kissing our beloved recreation centers, road repairs and neighborhood area security good-bye? Read more about what the city of Dallas plans to do  here – and make sure to leave your comments below.  What is your opinion? Do you think there’s a more suitable alternative for reversing our city’s budget deficit?

Groove is in the Art

Posted by    |    March 16th, 2011 at 4:35 pm

Springtime in Dallas, outdoor activities, colorful blooms as far as the eye can see…all groovy, if you ask me.  Throw in some original art and you’ve got plans for this weekend. ArtScape at The Dallas Arboretum kicks off this Friday, March 18 featuring close to 100 artists from around the country.  Explore an array of sculpture, paintings, jewelry, woodworking, photography and more – on display and available for purchase.  While you’re there take in the natural beauty of spring at this East Dallas oasis with Dallas Blooms. Running through April 10th and showcasing over 500,000 tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, it’s no surprise Dallas Blooms is the premier floral festival in the southwest.

So let’s re-cap.  Art show & sale, beautiful spring weather and 66 acres of spring-blooming bulbs?  I can’t think of even one reason not to go. Every day of the exhibit.

The Dallas Arboretum  |  8525 Garland Road  |  Dallas, Texas 75218

Kiss me, I’m…a frog?

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Oh the times, they’ve changed.  Well, for those of us with kids, that is.  St. Patty’s Day in Dallas used to signify tailgating, live music…and, weather permitting, the first sunburn of the season.  Fortunately for tiny tailgaters (think juice box), the parade kicks off at 10 AM and promises fun for all ages.  But unless the kiddos are spending Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa, you may be looking for something a little more family friendly to do after the parade.   Look no further than the intersection at Skillman and Northwest Highway.  Dallas Children’s Theater keeps things green this weekend with their witty, whimsical production of The Frog Prince.  Well- known and beloved Dallas puppetry extraordinaire, Kathy Burks, partners with DCT to dazzle and entertain audiences both young and old(er) in this classic fairy tale told with a twist.  With four weekend show times to choose from, you’ll be tickled green with family fun.   Visit  DCT’s website or call the box office for tickets and show times.

Get festive in Dallas this weekend.  Kids or no kids,  it is easy being green.

Dallas Children’s Theater  |  5938 Skillman  |  Dallas, TX 75231  |  Box Office  214.740.0051 

You’re like…so Random.

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Southern Fried Paper available at Random

Haven’t been to Hillside Village lately? Gasp!  Don’t panic.  But do cancel your afternoon plans and, in the words of Kinsey Powell, Dallasite and no stranger to sarcasm, get…over there.  New stores are popping up all over the center, giving a fresh face to this Lakewood landmark.  One of my favorite new shops (and the prime place to perfect gift giving) is Random- a quirky, fun mix of stationary, home decor, jewelry and more.   Grab a Seda France candle for that hostess with the most-est, a Fatboy Doggielounge for your ever-faithful Fido or let your love flow with a greeting card by Southern Fried Paper.  “I love you more than NorthPark gold” is my personal fave.

6465 E.Mockingbird Lane #366
Dallas, TX 75214


God Escapes the Sloan Scale of Value in Munger Place Church

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I have come to realize that I measure how much I LOVE something in direct relation to how much I LOATHED it before. Southwest Airlines is a perfect example. I honestly considered them a near dangerous airline. I don’t know why, they always just seemed less professional to me, or sub-par, and that in turn made me think that death was imminent via plane crash (I think those disturbing backwards seats played a role in my perception as well). However, Southwest has made a comeback in my eyes. They’ve upgraded their fleet with new flashy colors (and a paint job that doesn’t scream this plane hasn’t been touched since 1972), the staff is not only kind, professional and helpful, they’re laugh out loud funny. Not to mention, their commercials are the jam. I LOVE Southwest! (and don’t typically use exclamation points). I have no doubt that in my twisted head, it’s an absolute correlation to exactly how awful I used to think Southwest was as an airline. It’s just my MO in placing value on something, or anything. (more…)

There’s No Place Like Home

Posted by    |    November 30th, 2010 at 4:49 pm

I’m going to be honest and let everyone know that I usually don’t get out of my bed on a Saturday morning before 11 a.m. Yes, I’m 28, judge away. SO, when my alarm went off at 8am, on November 13th, 2010, it was a struggle…to say the least. However, almost immediately upon my arrival to the first Lakewood Home Festival stop, on Brookside right behind Lakewood Country Club, I could feel the energy and enthusiasm. It was 9:30 A.M., the first semi cold morning that Texas had seen (translation: freezing to us natives), and yet everyone was in great spirits; ranging from the multitude of volunteers (that means they did NOT have to be there) to everyone on the Home Festival committee. And everyone’s buzzed attitude got me over that early morning slump fast, as each and every person made me feel welcome and part of the team. (more…)

The Lakewood Home Festival: Fundraising In my Hood for the 34th Year

Posted by    |    November 9th, 2010 at 10:18 pm

The last time I was involved with the Lakewood Home Festival was in 1988. I was 6, and I hated it with all of my heart. Our house was one of the those featured in the inaugural tour, meaning that for this winter weekend of 1988, the 12th year of the tour (yes, it started in 1976), I had to stay at my grandmother’s. Our house was in a state of cleanliness and order that not even M Stewart herself could find something to gripe about.  At such an age of destruction and terror, I threatened that harmonious order, and was thus deported. However, what all of this indicates is that my mom was really worried about the appearance of our home, and rightfully so, as the Lakewood Home Festival is a tradition that embodies and represents the spirit and attitude of our community. It was, and still is, important.