Hello, neighbor. Meet Lakewood dweller and boutique owner, Carrie Barnard.

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Carrie Barnard, owner of Snider Plaza boutiques, babybliss and miniME, talks about life in Lakewood with her husband, Clark, and their two children, Luke; age 7, and Lola; age 5. 

Barnard with son, Luke

YPD: Out of all the neighborhoods in Dallas, you chose Lakewood. Why is this community special to you?
CB: It’s eclectic, fun, totally family oriented.  Feels like a SMALL town but you’re in Dallas!  The schools do so many things to involve the families … movie nights, carnivals, popsicle parties.  It’s so fun!  I love the diverse architecture of the homes, the trees and being so close to the lake.
YPD: Speaking of homes and trees, which Lakewood street is your favorite for taking in the sights?
CB: Tokalon…aahhhh
YPD:  What do you love most about being a Dallas mom?
CB:  Lakewood Elementary…what a school!  It has been the best experience meeting all the amazing families that go to that school.
YPD: What about when school is out for summer? How do you and your family enjoy Lakewood?
CB: Our favorite family outing is riding our bikes through the neighborhood. We also love going to the lake and the Arboretum.
YPD: What’s your go-to, Lakewood spot to grab some good grub?
CD: Scalini’s
YPD:  And your favorite neighborhood hidden gem?
CB: Times Ten Cellars…but they’re not so hidden any more!
YPD: Between running a business and running your home, you must stay pretty busy. How do you manage it all?
CB: I turn work off most nights by 6:00…it’s an agreement that my husband and I have (unless he’s traveling then i’ll stay up all night working! )
YPD: It must be pretty cool to have a mom who owns a kids’ boutique. Do Luke and Lola give you their two cents?
CB: To this day, my kids motivate me … I ask their opinion on everything for miniME!!
YPD: Did you always know you wanted to open a baby and childrens’ boutique?
CB:  Well, the baby market was really poor when I had my first child in 2002.  We lived in Seattle and there was nothing there but babie-r-us.  When we moved to Dallas, I found there was nothing here either.  So upon turning 30, I decided now or never!  I had a retail background as a buyer for Federated Dept stores in San Francisco.  So that experience gave me the confidence to open something here…babybliss.
YPD: What inspired you to open it’s sister store, miniME?
CB: My kids have outgrown babybliss as have many of my customers…so it was a natural progression! My customers…they are SO LOYAL, I appreciate that so much! They motivate me to stay on top of the trends, shop all markets and find them the best of what is out there!  You can’t get lazy…and that’s why we continue to grow!
YPD: And what about you? Where do you shop?
CB: Gypsy Wagon and Anthropologie! As for home interiors, my favorite store is Kuhl Linscomb in Houston. It is amazing!!  I tend to frequent vintage shops in Dallas…Again and Again, Mid Century Modern in Deep Ellum.  Always trying to find those special pieces.
YPD: Where do you shop in Lakewood?
CB: Whole Foods!

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